Are the Winter 2016/2017 Star Wars going to be released in North America

What the Title says. lol,

I’ve been looking up stuff for the three newest of the Star Wars CCBS sets, but I have yet to see anything for anything for a U.S. release date.
I was just wondering if these sets were going to end up like the 2014 Chima sets and not released in the America’s, or is it just a later release date than Europe.

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lego hasn’t released starwars sets on January First for two years now, they release them in March for some reason.


Yeah, they are normally released in March, however they sometimes show up early.

Thanks dudes. I wanted to make sure first before making the mistake of ordering one from the Europe for an arm and a leg. lol

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Yeah. I’ve been lucky, and found all the rogue one sets (but no Phantom yet!) at my local Big W and Kmart (and a few weeks earlier for my Youtube Channel at a Sydney Big W).