Are there any Pop Songs you actually like?

For me that’s a yes.

In the past few years, I could name a bunch I enjoyed. Safe and Sound by Capital Cities, Counting Stars, Get Lucky, Can’t Hold Us, Thrift Shop, Suit and Tie, and tons more.

What about you guys?


Engineer voice: NOPE.

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Nope, but I like other bands like Volbeat and Breaking Benjamin

Counting Stars and Thrift Shop are the only ones in recent memory.

I love nearly all of Lorde’s work, but her other stuff is so much better than Royals. I honestly wasn’t a huge fan of One Republic before, but Counting Stars and Love Runs Out I felt were really good. Rather Be I also really like. Both Radioactive and Demons took me a bit, but I like them now.

Problem is kind of my guilty pleasure. I think it’s because I singled out Ariana Grande to be famous way beforehand when she was just this side character in Victorious. Now…if only Liz Gillies would get around to recording her album…

Dude, Ariana Grande is so much more talented than Selena Gomez, or Miley Cyrus, or Demi Lovato it’s shocking.

Haven’t heard Love Runs Out yet, have to check it out now. Demons I still don’t feel, personally, but Radioactive’s okay.

But yeah, definitely agree with you on Lorde. I have similar feelings with Gotye’s work myself.

But then these are all just my own personal views.

Ariana Grande comes from a Broadway background, so her raw talent is already much better than the good majority of pop stars out right now. You can’t rely on filters or post-editing on Broadway. Her lyrics/songs themselves can vary, but there’s no disputing her range.

But man, I’d give anything to hear some more by Liz Gillies. Oh well.

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I don’t really listen to a lot of the newer songs because I haven’t really bothered to look up what they are, but for sure I actually like Get Lucky, not because of the lyrics or how repetitive the chorus is but instrumentally there’s a lot there I enjoy.

I also think a Royals is alright, I can’t stand it when my sister is listening to it but when I listen to it alone I don’t mind it too much, only because I listen to it once in a while. Her Pure Heroine album is just decent overall and the hits besides Royals from it are better than that IMO.

Mirrors was an OK song too, but for the most part I haven’t heard any truly recent hits and the ones I enjoy the most part are the more tasteful ones, the ones that have emotion and don’t sound like they’re just made for the summer or something like that.


I only listing to Christian Music with some songs are make a better BMV.

Kahi, don’t even bother with the newer Imagine Dragons crap. A lot of it is good, but it is too overplayed. Find some of their earliest work, they never play it and I can only find it on YouTube. I especially enjoy Pantomime and Leave Me.

Imagine Dragons isn’t pop. It’s alt. rock.

If it made it onto the hot 100, especially the top 10, I think we can call it pop. Pop can be any genre, as far as I know. Rap can be pop, Country can be pop, etc.

Everything is Awesome is the only true pop song.


The Fox and Radioactive are okay by me – I’ve recently listened to some sped-up/slowed down versions of both, which are pretty funny.

Part of why I don’t like pop songs very much is because they don’t have good instrumentation – Fox did a bit better in that regard. Radioactive is eh.

And I do want to see a mash up of Happy with this:

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Pop tends to be the catchy/irritating, accessible songs that make a lot of money on any given week, so yeah. :stuck_out_tongue:


By pop you mean popular, not modern hip-hop or whatever they call it. I see. In that case, I kinda like Bastille and Imagine Dragons. Not my favourites, but hey.

There are the few that keep repeating on the radio but I mainly just listen to Linkin Park and Monstercat!

I am only allowed to like songs that are from more than 5 years in the past or in the future.

I guess Get Lucky counts as a pop song…

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Well yeah, it peaked at #2, I wanna say. Back in 2013.

2014’s been underwhelming for Pop, IMO.

But then, much of my knowledge of pop comes from the TGWTG Reviewer Todd in the Shadows.

Linkin park. How very 'murican.