Are there mechanisms to create new Toa?

Could new Toa still be created in a post Mata Nui world? And is there a net loss of Toa power in the creation of Toa Stones a la Lihkan’s promotion of the Toa Metru?

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  1. If a Matoran is destined to be a Toa, then yes, it would still be possible for other Toa to invest power in Toa stones so that could be triggered.
  2. In Lhikan’s case, he was creating multiple stones at once, which is why it affected his power. That’s not normally how it’s done.

Are you saying that if Lhikan had created only one Toa stone, he would not have become a Turaga?

I think he’s implying that if he didn’t make them all at once but instead let his power recharge between stones he would’ve still been a Toa.

That’s the million-dollar question.

Toa power can’t recharge. Once you’ve used it, you’ve lost it.

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Which is part of the reason why the Nui Stone was such a big deal, as it absorbed Toa Power from others in order to increase the amount of Elemental Energy its wielder could potentially absorb and/or manipulate. I don’t recall if it was ever able to force the change into a Turaga or not (though I’m betting on no, as giving it up voluntarily seemed to be a requirement of sorts), but it also could’ve possibly had an adverse effect on things like how many times they could heal others or their maximum energy reserves either way.

I understand the wording of this to mean that once you use ALL of it, you can’t get it back, but if you use some of it, then you’re fine and you can keep using it after it recharges, like when they run out of elemental energy.

Except that this still currently conflicts with the information provided on Toa Power over at BS01, which explicitly states that it doesn’t recharge at all, and lists two previous Greg Chats as references.
Granted, the Metru were capable of doing quite a lot with it as a team, but creating six Toa Stones would still likely be quite taxing on the power reserves of a singular Toa.

One of the citations on that page is in relation to the Marendar’s Toa Power tracking ability and the healing properties of Toa Power. Do you have an archive link to the second one that explicitly states the unreplenishable nature of Toa Power?

I believe that this link (Chat with Greg Farshtey) is to the correct chat in question, though the date provided on the BS01 page (pages 442 - 3) is not consistent with that particular piece of information.
Given the track record of BS01, however, I’m assuming that they wouldn’t have included that little tidbit if it hadn’t been confirmed at some point, but it contains 924 pages, and I honestly stopped looking after 130. If it is in there, it’s going to take some time to dig up.

Well, I shall cede it for right now until I have the time to check citing.

I thought I’d just add that perhaps the strain of making multiple stone was like lifting weights. As in, you can probably lift forty pounds and not hurt yourself, but lifting six times that amount would definitely hurt you.