Are there other Golden Weapons in Ninjago?

So, for Ninjago’s first 3 years, there were only four ‘main’ elements, and therefore, four Golden Weapons that can control them. Fine. But, in later seasons, they added, I don’t know, close to ten new elements (I don’t remember exactly at the moment).

Golden Weapons could theoretically be forged to control these elements too, right? I mean, the made the Time Blades to harness that element.

What I’m basically asking is, why are the Sword of Fire, Scythe of Quakes, Shurikins of Ice, and Nunchucks of Lightning so significant (having a ‘destiny’ of sorts with the Mega Weapon)? Could the same thing have happened with a Staff of Form, Shield of Ember, Daggers of Poison, and Spear of Smoke?

I get that in reality it all just hinges on the writing team sort of wining it on the first few seasons following Rebooted, but is there a canon explanation?

I think it’d be something like those four OG elements are kind of the basis of what Ninjago was made from so they made those specific elements into weapons


Technically the time blades weren’t made to control time, they were made to steal an elemental power, and were used to take the time twins’ power.

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@Racie02, good to know.

So the First Spinjutzu Master could only control Earth, Fire, Lightning, and Ice (and Creation/Destruction, maybe, depending on how you interpret Wu’s and Garmadon’s powers)? But didn’t he also give the original Elemental masters their powers?

Not that he could only control them but those were kind of the base elements that he used in creating ninjago. I’m not sure tho, not a big ninjago guy. Just speculating

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I know this has already been solved but, In ninjago lore all elements are drawn from the four main elements I.e Ice and water, nature and earth, fire and smoke and lightning and speed or light (the last two are debatable.) which is later confirmed in season 11 when nya learns that she can somewhat control ice.

So yes there’s only 4 golden weapons.

While yes, those were the elements used to create Ninjago, iirc the Golden Weapons came first. Ninjago was created using the weapons.


That works for most, but not all.

Looking at the list of elements, it seems reasonable for it to go like this:
Fire: Shadow (because Fire casts shadows?), Smoke, and Light (this one could also be Lightning, though).
Ice: Water and Sound (because Ice is resonant?).
Lightning: Mind (because of electrical impulses), Wind, Speed, and Gravity.
Earth: Metal, Nature, and Poison.

But that still leaves Time, Amber, and Form unaccounted for.

Also, the core four elements resulted in the Creation of Ninjago, but since the First Spinjitzu Master also had Destruction powers- does this mean that the ninja, acting as one (or all the other Elemental Masters acting in unison, if their powers are all just the aspects of the core four), could also make a Tornado of Destruction?

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I would think so. All these elements have positive and negative impacts.