Are there other great spirit robots?

I mean it became a topic in a bionicle fan worldbuilding G3 server that every island was named after another robot. Meaning there is a Voya Nui Robot, A Mahri Nui robot.

I mean I’m curious is they’re more Mata Nui robots out there in the actual canon.


The only other GSR that we know existed was the prototype robot. The Great Beings also planned to make another GSR to help the original fix Spherus Magna (since they knew it would take two), but either never got around to it or made it and hid it somewhere (Greg has suggested that either is possible).

Btw, Voya Nui came from inside the Mata Nui robot, so it seems odd for it to have been named after a theoretical other GSR.


No there was only one Great Spirit Robot in official canon. It doesn’t even really make sense for there to have been other ones IMO. The closest think to a second one is the Prototype robot Mata Nui used to fight Makuta.

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It’s also worth noting that Mata Nui literally means Great Spirit in Matoran. Nui just means great. So the reason Voya Nui and Mahri Nui are named that way since they are called Great Journey and Great Ocean respectively. They are inside of GSR and are named after events or landmarks inside GSR.

Presumably if there were other robots, they would have their own consciousness just like the GSR did. Why would those beings be named after events or landmarks that have nothing to do with them or what they are?


While I agree with your main point, I just want to point out that Mahri Nui was never inside the GSR.


Yeah, you’re right, I just meant a colony that was a result of its existence

No, all the other islands are part of Mata Nui’s robot body.

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