Are Venom Eels Rahi?

Hello, Greg. It’s good to see you continuing to answer questions here. I think I can speak for most if not all of us that we greatly appreciate it.

Just as a refresher, Venom Eels were in Barraki Ehlek’s army in 2007, and one was mutated by the Mask of Life to be 300 feet long.

Supposedly, Venom Eels are native to Aqua Magna[1] and completely organic.[2] However, you’ve also said that they are biomechanical,[3] which is implied from BIONICLE Legends 6: City of the Lost:

The appearance of a venom eel in open water puzzled Dekar. The creatures generally remained camouflaged and waited for prey to come to them. To help themselves stay hidden, their metallic hide had no scales that might reflect a stray beam of light.

Also in Legends 6, it is said Venom Eels are related to Lava Eels, which are Rahi. While you said this was simply because they were both eels,[4] it is still unclear how a Spherus Magna creature and a Rahi can be related.

If you could provide clarification one way or the other, that would be very helpful. Thanks!


Many creatures native to Spherus Magna are considered to be biomechanical as a result of their modifications by the Great Beings. Maybe the GBs modified Venom Eels at one point? Maybe Greg referred to them as organic in the sense that they originally were. I’m curious about the Lava Eel connection as well.

That’s not a fact. We can assume Makuta did make them, but why or what purpose they were intended to serve is just speculation.


Sorry, my bad.