Arena Battle II (RP topic)

Location: Atero, Spherus Magna
We begin on desert road. A flock of birds sat, pecking at scrap metal. Suddenly, a black transport bus zoomed by, and the birds scattered. The bus bumped and crashed along the desert road, with “Back In Black” pumping through the speakers. It was headed inbound for Arena Magna, the sight of many great events. Inside the bus were 7 warriors; All of them from different backgrounds, but brought together for the same purpose: to compete in Arena Magna’s newest event, “Arena Battle”. It was a contest where warriors engaged in gladiator-style fighting for entertainment. The competition was created by a mysterious character who called himself “The Gamemaster”, and almost nothing was known about him. Apparently, the winner of Arena Battle would receive a large cash prize, and some people were willing to do anything to get their hands on the money.

Now, you may be wondering, “How did these warriors end up here?” Well, let’s take a look back in time, to when the warriors received the invitations…

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In his home, Tuskpelt was playing some Uno. His mail bell rang, and he walked over to see what he got. He opened his mailbox.

It was an elegant white scroll with golden lettering, the exact same one that every other warrior would receive.
It read:

In recognition for your skills and cunning in combat, you,[Tuskpelt], have hereby been selected to participate in the grand tournament known as Arena Battle! This a once In a lifetime opportunity, and a great honor. Please consider joining us, and competing in the tournament for a prize of $15,000,000. To enter, Sign your signature below, and mail this back to the sender. A bus will arrive to transport you to the Arena within 2 weeks.
-The Gamemaster

Tuskpelt growled. “What on Earth?”
He read the letter again. “I guess I’ll do it.” He signed and then put the letter back in the mailbox.

Composite looked at the invitation their victim had while one was still beating their victim to death “should we? Seems like it could be fun.” One commented “sure.” Another looked down at the unrecognizable corpse as the retracted the weapon.

Ghar awoke from his slumber one morning to see a mysterious scroll lying near his hut. He hadn’t recalled sending any letters to his friends back in Silverhold, and closer inspection proved the scroll was no magical construct. Wary of any danger, Ghar unfurled the scroll.

He was quite confused at what he read inside. Whoever he was, this “Gamemaster” seemed to have been watching him. Still, the reward for success in his contest was quite compelling, but it had been a while since he had been in combat…

He contemplated for a while. Clearly, he thought, this letter was sent for a reason. He would do what he must to discover that reason. Searching through his bag of supplies, Ghar retrieved his ink and quill, signing his name on the parchment. He placed it back where it had appeared, and in a bright flash, it was gone.

Ghar puts his mask to his face. Time to see what this game was all about.

Deep below the oceans of titan in the trans-dimensional prison known as Ironbolt penitentiary a combat leadhead unit has been heavily damaged suddenly a message flared up in his heads up display. He mentally opened the message something about an arena. He mindlessly sent to the higher ups before a repair team dragged him off.

A strange sensation built up in him…curiosity

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Scrapper and Q’uiin l’Kiik would also receive an invitation.

Q’uiin jumped for joy. With the money he could make winning fights, he was sure to get out of debt. He leapt out of bed and dashed to the surface of the red planet.

Tuskpelt went into his room and began to pack his things. He threw some board games in his case and stuffed some Tofu in there with some ice packs. He rubbed his chin. “…what else…”

And finally, the last person to receive the invitation was Scrapper.

They finally arrived, looking around as they left the now abandoned ship with all the corpses of the passengers and crew “I wish people would stop staring. It would really save lives.” Their body twitched a bit as they headed to the colosseum this thing was held at.

Scrapper picked up the invitation. He looked at it, and thought to himself ‘Well, why not?”

2 weeks later…

While composite arrived at the Arena on their own, the rest of the group was being transported on the bus. We now peer in and observe what the warriors are up to…

Tuskpelt sat by himself, gnawing on a piece of tofu.
He pulled out a stack of cards and shuffled them mindlessly.

Q’uiin leans over Tuskpelt’s shoulder. “What are those?” He has a very strong accent, almost like he keeps clicking through his words.

“Cards.” Grunted Tuskpelt.

In the back of the bus, a figure stirred awake. "So, these are the people I’m up against, huh?’ He said. The figure was a man in bronze gladiator armor. He carried a crude sword and shield. “My name is Mark.” The man said, extending his hand to the others.

Ghar was still quite cautious. A couple weeks after he had signed the mysterious scroll, this strange mechanical carriage had appeared. He was quite surprised by the variety of other warriors that were already present.

He had taken a seat at the back of the bus, but he hadn’t even noticed the armored one sitting there. As the man got up and introduced himself as Mark, Ghar roused from his thoughts.

Without saying a word, he watched this Mark as he rose to greet the others.

“-And who are you?” Mark asked, facing Ghar.