Arena Battle!(RP signups)

Welcome to Arena Battle! A sadistic gamemaster has organized a competition where warriors from the worlds over fight each other in gladiator-style combat. Some have joined seeking glory, others to pay off debts, and still others have joined just for the pure thrill of fighting. Whatever the reason, there is bound to be violence, drama, and adventure. So, step into the arena if you dare!


  1. fighters can be OCs of any kind. They could be from bionicle, hero factory, transformers, etc. Whatever floats your boat. They cannot be official characters of a brand.
  2. No OP or ridiculously powerful characters.
  3. To sign up, you must reply to this post with a bio of your character. The required fields are: name, gender, race/species, powers (optional if none), weapon(s), description of appearance, and reason for joining. If you are accepted, I will reply with a post saying so.
  4. Once accepted, don’t expect to fight in a match immediately. I need to organize the matches and choose who will fight who. However, your character can still interact with other characters. (Interesting things can happen outside the arena, too!)
  5. Sign-ups will remain open, even after the RP has started. New fighters are always welcome!


  1. Matches are divided into 3 rounds.
    3.Characters cannot be killed in or out of the arena (unless given permission from character’s owner)
  2. Characters’ actions cannot be directly manipulated by anyone besides the character’s owner(unless given permission by character’s owner)
  3. No metagaming.
  4. The winner is decided at the end of each match.
  5. If a fighter loses a match, it doesn’t mean they are out of the RP. They can always fight in later matches if they want, and interact with other fighters outside the Arena.

Without further ado, LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

(Edit: the RPG is finally up! Arena Battle! (RP topic) )


Name: Kirodai
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Appearance: About average height, with short blonde hair and green eyes. Wears loose, comfortable clothing that’s easy to move in, colored green and neutral shades with simple patterns.
Abilities: KIrodai can create objects out of solidified light. She can only create one object at a time, and is unable to alter it once it is formed. Objects dissipate quickly when not in contact with her body, though maintain themselves long enough for very short distance projectiles. She has yet to truly experiment with how big his constructs can get. As of yet, she is able to form constructs up to about the size of her torso without problems (that includes things like spears, where the mass would be distributed differently). The objects can dissipate from a strong enough impact, and there’s a short delay before she can create a new one.
Weapons: None.
Place of Residence: An apartment in a small town in the mountains.
Reason for joining: Well why not?


name: Controller of Ice
species: bionicle

powers: all things to do with ice(within a certain degree e.g: telekinesis on ice, liquidification and solidification of ice), over armour gives the ability of flight.
weapons:ice sword, single handed axe, and razor shield
residence: a cave
reason of joining: testing abilities

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Ooooo this seems interesting. Lemme get a character

Name: Scrapper
Gender: Male
Species: Unknown
Abilities: Scrapper has no natrual abilties, but thanks to his wing-blades and the wheels in his feet, he can travel at incredibly fast speeds. His wing-blades also allow him to fly for a short period of time.
Weapons: Built-in-mini-gun, sword.

Place of residence: In his camp, not far from the arena.
Reason for joining:
Who doesn’t love a good old fight?


Name: Keddagsadz(or Kad for short.)
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Appearance: A dark metal helmet, covering his head but leaving his most of his face exposed(the hole in the front is shaped like a star with the space between the bottom two arms cut out and a very small top arm), A black, ragged cape, and what seems to be visible worn 21st century clothing, such as a zip up black long sleeve â– â– â– â– â– , black pants partially dark grey from wear at tear, and a light grey t-â– â– â– â– â– . He has brown hair and eyes, is slim, and slightly taller than average.
Abilities: Ability to create small illusions, teleport up to 3 yards away from current location(once every other of my posts), and copy a person’s abilities(but only what he’s seen, and from one person at a time. He loses abilities copied from someone if he copies from someone else.)
Weapons: A broadsword(hand-and-a-half sized)
Place of Residence: Nomadic
Reason for joining: He wandered by and thought joining would be a fun little escapade.


Name: Tarkur
Title: Flames Guardian
Species: Elemental
Gender: Male
Class: Planeswalker, Wizard(Focuses on Red and Blue Magic)
Abilities/spells(Can only use 4 of each per duel):
Disallow(Instant): Can cancel any abillity or spell targeting Him or spells(Creatures, sorceries, instants, enchantments and artifacts counts as spells) he controlls/uses
Frost lynx(creature): 2(hits twice)/2(can take 2 hits) elemental cat that stuns an enemy for 2 posts
Curator’s ward(Enchantment Aura): Enchanted permanet(Creature, land, enchantment or artifact) gains hexproof(A permanent with hexproof can’t be the target of spells or abillities.)
Enigma drake(creature): x(x hits were x is all instants and soceries, Tarkur cast this duel)/4 (can take for hits) Drake
â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â– ): gives any target an electric shot.
Lightning strike(instant): shots a lighting at any target
Seismic Elemental(creature): 4(hits 4 times)/4(can take 4 hits) Elemental that causes beings that can’t fly to be unable to block an attack for 1 post.
Warfire javelineer(creature): 2(hits twice)/3(can take 3 hits) deals x damage were x is egual to the numbers of instants and sorceries Tarkur has cast.
Lava axe(sorcery): sends a giant axe made of lava at target opponent
Guttersnipe(creature): 2(hits twice)/2(can take 2 hits) Goblin that does an additional damage to an opponent whenever Tarkur casts an instant or sorcery.
Disallow: 1 any mana and 2 blue mana
Frostlynx: 2 any mana and 1 blue mana
Curator’s ward: same as frost lynx
Enigma Drake: 2 any mana, 1 blue mana and 1 red mana
Shock: 1 red mana
Lightning strike 1 any mana and 1 red mana
Seismic elemental 2 any mana and 2 red mana
Warfire javelineer: 3 any mana and 1 red mana
Lava axe: 4 any mana and 1 red mana
Guttersnipe: 2 any mana and 1 red mana
Bio: Tarkur is kind and noble and usually won’t attack or fight if not provoked. He is serious and stubborn and sometimes he’s temper is affected by how well he accomplishes somethings.
Backstory: Tarkur is from the plane of Ravnica and was born and raised in the izzit guild whom focuses on crazy inventions and powerful combos. Therefore he has learned and mastered the arts of red and blue magic. Due to an traumatic experience(I don’t know what traumatic experience yet) Tarkur ignited his planeswalker spark. Which enabled him to travel through the multiverse.

###Edit: Tarkur also have 8 red mana, 10 blue and 4 that can be either(His mana is reset after 1 post)


Dude that is a lot of info

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Yeah, That’s kinda because that character needed a lot of his powers explained.

###EDIT: Made a custom Planeswalker card for him


Can I still sign up even though it’s already started?

(OOC: yeah. it says so in the RP signups.)

This is the signup thread lol, but ok

Whoops, I thought I was replying to the RP topic thread!

Purely out-of-character (OOC) posts should be put in the signups (since we don’t have an OOC PM or any other sort of discussion topics). For future reference, it’s okay to have a post with OOC comments as long as you also post something in-character (IC). Example:

As to actually answer your question, most RPs leave it as a judgement call to the player. If you think your character can dodge, block, or otherwise respond to the attack, you have them do so. If not, you detail how the attack affects you. Granted, that leaves it as an individual responsibility to not have your character dodge every attack and be realistic and fair about how the fight progresses.

Ok from henceforth i will remain in character

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To answer your question, it purely depends on whether the opponent’s powers, abilities, and/or weapons. (Read the bios posted on this topic for reference)

can we use a system like whispering where you put * before and after sentences so that people who arent being whispered to so they have to act like they dont know whats being whispered

Yeah, sure.

Ok thx