Arena Battle! (RP topic)

The hilt while doing no damage distracts Leadhead

Scrapper speeds past Leadhead, knocking him off-balance.

His heavy weight prevents him from being knocked over but he stumbles
“Sending order arrival T minus 10 seconds”

Scrapper punches Leadhead with his magma claw.

It cuts into his suit with some resistance but still hits
out of nowhere a golf club materialises into Leadhead’s hand to which starts whacking scrapper with as he does his eye turns a blood red hue

Scrapper’s wing-blades are ripped out of his back, causing him much pain. He quickly grabs one and impales Leadhead’s leg with it.

Leadhead’s eye quickly flashes orange as he grabs scrapper with his claw
"you will regret that"he growls before slamming Scrapper into the ground

Scrapper starts shooting at Leadhead again, as he gets his left wheel up to full speed (750mph), and pummels Leadhead’s chest with it.

A horrible sound is heard as metal is pulled away and cloth and flesh is ripped apart bullets sink into flesh with no resistance. Leadhead drops his club and a syringe extends out of his hand and as he stabs himself with it a golden crystalline substance forces out of his skin creating a diamond like skin.

Scrapper retreats back to the arena wall, and continues shooting.

Mark winced as he watched scrapper and leadhead destroying each other. “Think they’ll be alright?” He asked. The gamemaster, on the other hand, had no concern for their safety. He was loudly slurping on a soda as he watched the fight.

Scrapper grabbed the discarded club, charged it with his magma claw, and sped towards Leadhead, smashing his eye with it.

The gong was struck, and the Match ended. The gamemaster descended to the ground and walked towards scrapper and Leadhead. “Wow. You guys look really roughed up.” He said, grinning. “It’s now time to decide the winner…” The gamemaster looked between the two. “-And the winner is: scrapper!” He said, raising scrapper’s hand. “Both fighters put in a lot of effort, but the deciding factor was the amount of damage that scrapper dealt to leadhead.” He turned to Leadhead. “Don’t be discouraged. You fought a good match. I’m sure you’ll get 'em next time.” The gamemaster then turned to both fighters. “-And speaking of damage, due to your injuries in the fight, it seems that the both of you won’t be able to fight for a few matches while you heal. Mark will take you both to the infirmary to get you patched up.” Mark began to l read scrapper and leadhead to the arena’s infirmary. The gamemaster rose back into the air. “the rest of you will to back to the barracks and rest. I’ll see you in the next match.” Before everyone began leaving, the gamemaster stopped them. “Oh, wait! I’ve decided to shake things up and reveal tommorow’s match. It will be- A rematch between Kirodai and Kad. I thought I should give you time to train.” The gamemaster smiled again in a somewhat fake fashion. “Alright, you may now head back to the barracks.”

Kad smiles. “Fun.”

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the controller of ice is still training hard rather than watching the match

Kirodai winks at Kad. “I wonder what’ll happen this time. I’m sure it’ll be… shocking.” With that she returns to the barracks.

The controller of ice sees kirodai enter the barracks and ask her if she wants to spar(practice fight)

“I’d say so.” He says as he goes to wander around the area for a bit.

In the infirmary, Scrapper is patching up his armour.

A nurse wrapped bandages around leadhead’s arm. “had quite a fight, didn’t you?” She said.