Arena Battle! (RP topic)

He slowly closes in.

“This fight is really tense…” said Mark.

A blade forms in her hand, curved away from her. She swings it at Kad’s shoulder.

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Kad blocked with his blade and:

Assuming she’s left-handed

Shot lightning at her with his offhand.

Assuming she’s right-handed

Whipped around at her with a backhand.

OOC: Right-handed.

IC: Kirodai lets the sword dissipate and jumps back, avoiding Kad’s strike.


The gong was struck, ending the match. “It is now time to decide the winner.” The gamemaster said, stepping forth. “While Kad was skilled in his combat, Kirodai was more useful and creative with her powers. Kirodai is the winner!” The gamemaster said, raising Kirodai’s arm. He turned to Kad. “However, it almost seemed like you were holding back… but maybe I’m being too suspicious. Fighters, you may now head back to the barracks.” The gamemaster commanded.

He nods and heads back. I really need to work more with this. He thinks.

The controller of ice says to kad"joined the club, eh? "

He chuckles and nods. “I still need to learn to properly use my powers.”

“out of curiosity what are your powers?”

“I think it’s more fun to find out through watching.” Kad tells him.


Later that night, while everyone slept, a ninja with black goggles slipped into the barracks undetected. He pulled out a syringe, filled with a bright icy blue liquid. This’ll put him down for sure. the ninja thought to himself. He advanced towards Tarkur’s bunk. The ninja stood over Tarkur’s body, prepared to plunge the syringe into it.

“And you are?” Kad asked, yawning and rubbing his eyes. “Well, other than interrupting my sleep schedule?”

The ninja panicked, realizing that he had been caught. He dove towards Tarkur with the syringe, prepared to end it swiftly.

OOC: Maybe Tarkur should wake up about now.

Kad pointed his two fingers and shot lighting out of them, then drawing his sword from the sheathe by his bed.

The bolt shattered the syringe, spraying the goo inside all over the ninja. He shrieked as thick, blue ice began to form and expand over his body.

On guard, Kad approaches. He starts lightly picking at the ice around his head.

The ninja used an ice-covered fist as a makeshift club and bashed Kad in the head, breaking the ice and knocking him to the ground. Mark stood up in his bed, mad that he was awoken from his sleep. “WHAT’S ALL THE RUCKUS ABOU-” Mark’s eyes widened when he saw what was happening. He dove out of his bed and began shaking everyone awake. “Guys, wake up! There’s an intruder in the barracks!” Mark yelled.


Kad rolled backwards and to his feet, and approached the ninja with a slash of his blade.

OOC: I was sleeping irl so it was a bit hard to respond.

IC: Tarkur wakes up and looks tiredly at the ninja he then turns the others, “Who is this? Is he a new contestant or not?” He asks tiredly.