Arena Battle! (RP topic)

He casually hovers over to the exhausted CoI, stretches out his hand to offer him help up. “So…?” he asks

Suddenly, the gong was struck again. “Stop! the match has concluded. it is time to choose the winner!” proclaimed the Gamemaster.“This was such a close battle, SO close that I almost called it a draw. However, there can only be one winner, and that winner is…” he looked back and forth between Tarkur and Controller of Ice. “-Tarkur! even he himself said so! While Controller of Ice may have been creative with the use of his elemental abilites, Tarkur just had too many resources to compete with. He is the winner!” The Gamemaster held up Tarkur’s flaming hand, and the crowd cheered. The Gamemaster then turned to face Controller of Ice. “And as for you…” he pulled a lever, opening a trapdoor beneath Controller of Ice and sending him straight back into the barracks.

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“It is time for the next match.” said the Gamemaster. “This time, it’s Kirodai vs Ked…Kedsa…- whatever, i’ll just call him by his nickname. Kirodai vs Kad!, Fighters, get ready!”

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Tarkur left the fighting arena and took a seat in the audience.

“Good match"the controller of ice says to tarkur
And after the trapdoor was opened he flew out while saying” nope i aint goin down there"
Then he goes beside tarkur

Tarkur nods in agreement, before taking a seat in the audience

He walked into the room, drawing his blade. “Time to test this out.” He said to himself.

Scrapper, being the only person to not fight yet, watches patiently from the seat next to Tarkur.

Tarkur impatiently waits for the next duel to start.

Kirodai bounces into the arena, smiling and waving at her opponent. “You ready to have some fun?”

the controller yells at the both of them" fight well and good luck"

The gong was struck. “FIGHT!” the gamemaster proclaimed.

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Tarkur watches as the battle comenced, he was going to study their moves carefully.

OOC:so gamemaster regarding tarkur’s abilities do you think they’re too op or not ya know the teleporting through dimensions
IC: the controller of ice says to tarkur"i’d jate to be the poor sap facing you next"

OOC: I’d say that the abilities themselves aren’t OP, just that he’s able to pull out too many of them too quickly. Spreading out the abilities across various posts makes things a bit more playable.

IC: Kirodai smiles, tenting her fingers in front of her chin.

OOC:So should he have had some barriers or handicaps or maybe using a random number generator to have accuracies like 70%,95% stuff like that? To prepare for his next match
OOC:Ya know what tell me the accuracies I’ll get the RnG

OOC:Ya know what tell me the accuracies I’ll get the RnG

OOC: That won’t be necessary; Runa and I are capable of handling this.

Also, you double-posted (two posts in a row by you - don’t do it, just edit your old post if you’re adding something), and both of them are purely OOC.

IC: Kirodai winks at her opponent, still smiling cheekily.

OOC: ok dont let anything get out of hand, oh and do you think he used his abilities too much against me?

“Hmm…” he responds while still keeping his focus on the battle.

OOC: Okay so I’m gonna nerf my character a bit: Instead of starting with 22 mana I’d be starting with 10 and the amount of mana Increseas by 1 during a new IC post, does this sound fair?

That was barely scratching the surface of what I can do.

I would never, usually my characters aren’t even close to this guys power level. Also I’m no jerk