Arena Battle! (RP topic)

OOC:better, how bout makin you being able to teleport only a max of 3?

Kad chuckles. “Fun indeed.” His off-hand starts sparking electricity.

OOC: Hindering me from using too much mana is key here the more mana I have the more things I can do. The teleporting thing is just an added bonus.

IC: Tarkur watches Kad closely

The Gamemaster’s eyes were glued to the game. He turned to Eric. “Eric! Go get some popcorn! This looks like it’s gonna be a fun match…” “Yes, Gamemaster.” said Eric, running into the kitchen. The Gamemaster turned his attention back to the game…

“Ooo, what can that do?” she asks excitedly.

“Some things that will definitely shock you.” Kad replies. He then forms his hand into a fist and points at her with two fingers, out of which a bolt of lightning shoots. He stumbles back at the shooting. “Whoo!” He exclaims loudly. “Quite the power here!” He says lower, to the point of being slightly less than normal volume.

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Tarkur watches the fight still.

the controller says to tarkur"I’ve been thinking about our previous match, there were some points where i could have beaten you but i didn’t take the chance for example i could have made a giant ice golf club to hit you not a glacier so you wouldn’t be able to melt it all in one go and if you teleported i would just notice and swing it 360 degrees aroun and around up and down and where ever you reappeared you’d just get hit, and when you melted the glacier the water hurt you, well… i have the power to liquify the entirety of the glacier and bring all the water on to you(during registration i had that in my move set)."

Scrapper sits silently, more interested in the fight than more arguments.

OOC: i wasn’t talking to scrapper this is between tarkur and me

“I would have Disallowed you the ability to use your Ice powers and leave you there exhausted.” Tarkur said coldly more focus on the fight.

OOC: can i have the mana cost for your abilities?

OOC: I know, I meant not interested in the argument between you and Tarkur.

IC: Scrapper is getting impatient, eager to see the battle.

OOC: their in his sign up

IC: Tarkur eagerly waits for one of the fighters to do something

Get on with it!” Scrapper thinks to himself, hoping that either fighter would do something.

The Gamemaster watched silently, eagerly waiting for one of the fighters to make a move while he held a bag of popcorn in his hand.

Kirodai spreads her hands, a wall of hardlight appearing in front of her as she does so. The lightning crackles against the barrier, but it hold for the duration of the strike. As soon as the lightning comes to an end she grabs the panel, turning it on its side and throwing it like a frisbee at Kad.

As it got close, he seemed to ■■■■■ position to right on the other side of it, and he started running towards her.

The wall vanishes in the blink of an eye. Kirodai puts her hands together once more, this time pulling them apart to reveal a hardlight rope gripped in each hand. She lashes out with the rope, stepping into the attack.

Kad slides underneath on his back, sword above his head as a just-in-case block, and shot another lightning blast from his off-hand.