Argentum, where bionicle sets went wrong

Well, it's not that this MOC is bad (I'm actually very proud of it), it's that I built it to criticize what people didn't like in the bionicle waves after '06. So here is Argentum:

I had a surplus of silver pieces, so that gave me the idea to make a MOC that was entirely silver.

As you can see, his main weapon is a huge gun

The much awaited back view

With no weapons...

Wait, what?

Oh, he actually HAD another weapon...

Please don't kill me

At ease...

How could I make a silver MOC without including Hahli wings?

So, the idea behind this MOC is that I wanted to sum up everything that most people didn't like about the later bionicle sets. This is why he is silver (the price of silver suddenly dropped in 2007, when the mistika came along), uses a simple torso (almost standard piraka build, with a CCBS main body piece attached to it) and has that (arguably) annoying one melee and one range weapon thing going on (I thought it was cool, though). Basically, I put all these factors together, and made all of it go well together.
P.S. While I was building this, I considered that gunmetal was silver also.


No complaints from me!

I think you forgot the most crucial complaint
silver avohkii, black, and red eyestalk

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Hmm. Interesting. I really like this MOC. Good job! :smile:

I like the MOC as well, it looks cool, I consider it a Toa of Iron

Is there going to be an Ununoctium? /s

This looks good, great job.


7.8/10 too much Ag.
The torso looks too flat, but the limbs and weapons are well done.

challenge accepted

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I got to admit this is great.
I have no complaints.

I was never aware that people disliked having a melee and ranged weapon. I mean, people seem to love it on Skull Warrior.

The quality of the silver was also slightly changed. Compare the 2007 silver to 2004 silver and you'll see that the older silver was slightly darker, shinier, and crisper. That's what really bothered me.

But nice MOC though!

They hate wielding both at once.
For some reason people think having to strip the hands of weapons and put the other weapon on by taking apart so much technic is a good design.