Argon the Ultra marine

Okay If you have ever seen ultramarines this is was my result. This is pretty fresh moc and looks just like what’s it meant to be a bulky soldier. This one has pretty interesting torso design which was creation of small accident. He stands about 25 cm tall and contains BBCS, Bionicle and Technic parts. I say he looks good enough but fully customized arms would do trick. Sadly I’m lacking of inspiration and parts so that needs to wait for another time.


The colors seem a wee bit confused, but the build is great!

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Did you by chance base it off these guys?


If I compare this to a real Ultramarine, I can point out a few flaws, namely the fact that he has no bolter, he is not bulky enough, and where are the giant shoulder armor? Otherwise a cool moc with a nice build.

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This is as close as I can get with my parts if you have any good ideas fell free to share em.

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I’ll work on a bolter then! and for the shoulders I would recommend using classic lego pieces.

Indeed sadly I don’t have too much lego pieces around.

I really enjoy the build of the MOC, but I’m a big fan of how you built the legs!

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That guy’s wearing a Hau!

It looks alright, actually, but he’s a little cluttered and all over the place. But the build from what I can tell is pretty solid.

I might not have titled it “ultramarine”, as then we are judging it against something rather than evaluating it for what it is: a good MOC. Not really bulky enough to be an ultramarine, but he looks pretty good, albeit a bit cluttered. Nice work!

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I’m going to have to make this now.

Anyways, the moc is nice, and it resembles the picture above. Pretty nice

I agree with the others. The color distribution is a bit off and some of the designs seem fairly lazy (Sorry) but they work pretty good here. Nice work, overall.

Not the Ultrasmurfs!

I love this! I have never seen a warhammer 40 000 bionicle MOC before! Awesome!

Quick Review:

Solid and complex build
Fairly consistent colour scheme
Shoulder pads too big to be practical
Captures the essence of a space marine fairly well
Nice weapon

Colour scheme is very busy, too many different shades of blue
Waist is much too thin for a space marine, it should be much more bulky
Weapon doesn’t scream “Bolter” at me

Overall: 7/10

Good looking moc, but not quite a Space Marine yet.


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