Ark'tahs the ancient guardian

In an alternate universe Ark’tahs was an ancient being that has guarded the kanohi Ignika long before Umbra.

Hee he is with the result of me attempting to make a “gold Ignika” (the mix of gold and black is intentionally)

and here he is with an infected Ignika

So, what do you guys think ? Good, bad, horrible, great ? I am looking forward to your feedback. ^^


Cool MOC. I like the armor you used for his shoulders, really makes him look more imposing.

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Thank you. ^^

Yeah, these armor pieces âre the reason why I found Stornius so cool back in the day. The gave him that very bulky look.

looks like an evil Mata Nui. He’s alright

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The build is neat although it does strongly resemble Mata Nui. I really like those custom Ignikia’s you did. Nice work.


I like it, looks cool! I enjoy the color blocking.

Although I personally think he would look better without the digitigrade legs.

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This MOC is very cool, but that infected Ignika is amazing!

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I tried to give him “normal” legs but it looked weird… to me at least it did.
Actually he is a revmap of his prior version which didn’t have those digitigrade legs.