Arkus V3

I’m pretty much going through making update topics for all my MOCs at this point… Anyways next on the list is big boi Arkus. A lot of the changes are to his legs as well as texturing adjustments. He’s a lot more cohesive this time around, plus the photos are just better quality. Enjoy!

Arkus - The Steelclad Warmonger

Also he brought a friend

Weaponless shots

One of my biggest achievements with Arkus is still how darn sturdy yet posable he is

Closeups of top, mid and lower section

His knees can bend pretty far which allows for some of my favourite poses

Got rid of some of the unnecessary crap on his weapon

And thats all for now! Let me know if you guys are enjoying these update topics or not, and as always C&C is extremely helpful

Also just for fun heres what Arkus looked like waaay back when i first built him, anything is possible kids


I like that you got rid of those small silver hooks that were previously on the left and right torso pieces. Those things looked out of place to me.

Not too sure about the trans-purple claw pieces on the chest though. It seems like most trans-purple is covered or underneath silver armour, whereas the claws cover the silver instead.

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You make a good point yeah, I always kinda likes the X that it made over his chest but I’ll see what he looks like without them and consider changing it, thanks for the crit

Dang, what gym does this guy go to?

That aside this is a fairly cool looking moc, although the colour scheme is a little bland.


Silver was the only colour i really had enough parts of to make a moc of this size, but i get that yeah, hence why i added purple as an accent

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I feel that the waste is a little too thin, maybe put pistons on both sides of the waste to give a bulky apperance to match the rest of the moc. or something like that, still great though!
those upper legs are pretty:



Thats a decent idea, but it would be very hard to integrate without looking tacked on I feel. Besides my original concept was to have a big beefy dude with cartoonish proportions, so I find that it doesn’t bug me as much as it normally would. I appreciate the feedback though :slight_smile:

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DDUUDDEE!!, your work is great!!

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The purple highlights on this guy look great. I like how it also continues onto the weapon as well. My only problem is that it’s kind of hard to see the feet in some of the pictures

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I get that a lot with my setup actually, everything gets really dark toward the bottom when i use the black background, really annoying

A major improvement. The addition of trans purple adds a bit more life to the MOC, and the bulky armor flows across the body much better. I’m not really big on the way those Takanuva blades look from certain angles on his arms, but this is good otherwise.

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You know I was just looking over the photos a while ago and noticed the same thing, they’d never bugged me until now, but yeah I’m definitely gonna fix that. Cheers man

My only gripe with this moc is the way the forearm to hand transition looks a little too unnatural compared to the rest of the moc. The edge of that silver armor piece and the inward-facing hands don’t really mix too well in my opinion.

But as I said, that’s my only gripe with this thing. It looks stunning, and I love the cartoony proportions.
You’ve done it again Jayfa

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Hey thanks man, that means a lot, and yeah i agree completely, can’t believe i never noticed

Holy ■■■■ that thing look asum
(Bad english)

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i think he needs to be wider

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Thats a very (pardon the pun) broad statement, care to elaborate?

Big question:

Can he clap his hands?

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You tell me @Biodude15


Dig the use of Kohli balls on the axe. Nice addition.

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