Armadura, the walking armory

Just a combiner made of 15 different weapons (hence the title.)
I don’t know how I thought of this I just wanted to make a moc made of weapons.
This is likely just v1 (colors mostly) since halfway through his torso I ran out of colors and parts. Gonna have to order a lot of technic and sockets when I can afford it.

Warning; huge photo dump due to his build.

Gun modes

Sword modes

Axe and shield

<img src="/uploads/db5640/original/3X/b/e/be7e684eb1020c54f22ef97214dbb2f2142783ac.JPG" width=“669” height “499”>

Hammer, claw, and Lance


This idea is very unique and clever.

I would’ve called this moc cluttered and messy, but the fact that it’s 15 wieldable weapons combined to make an articulated figure is just too awesome and creative to allow me to fault its looks. :smiley: At least its got a cohesive colour scheme


Oh hey, it;'s Sixgun’s cousin!

anyways, while already used, the idea is clever enough


where was it used?

Sixguns. It’s a transformer formed by all of metroplex’s weapons. 6 weapons, hence the name.


This is awesome! I love how he becomes a whole lot of weapons! It is a really cool concept!

But Armadura means “armor”
Armeria means “armory”

Tho it looks like he is well armored

I’ll say yep, what a concept.
Pretty cool idea, and it even works

It’s also a gun.
This is pretty great, man.

I love the concept!

So you built a dude made entirely out of guns, swords, shields, and the like. Hmm…

Who am I kidding? This is amazing! Its a good, solid looking character that looks pretty well articulated, all the parts become convincing looking weapons, and every single part is used. It really is too much.

Brilliant execution.

Good concept for this