ArmaGarmadon: A Ninjago Rewrite

Hey all! So, I am a new guy here on the TTV Message Boards, but I wanted to share a little story idea I had with you guys. I got the idea for this story years ago, back when the Lego Message Boards were still a thing. I know many of you probably remember the Lego Message Boards, and some of you may remember a story on the Ninjago boards where the author re-wrote the Ninjago story. That is where the idea of this story came from.
My idea is a little different. So my idea goes like this: What if the Ninjago world was made up of eight realms (I had only seen the first two or three seasons of Ninjago when this idea came up, have since watched nearly all of them), where each realm was above the previous one and sealed off with a magical barrier? The idea is that each realm is actually a different Lego theme, and each realm has no knowledge of the other realm.
The main story would follow the Ninjago story, but with some minor and major differences. The main characters would include the four ninja: Kai, Cole, Jay, and Zane. They would then be joined by the Monster Fighters, though only Rodney Rathbone and Ann Lee would be main characters. The final main character, who ends up on the opposing side of the heroes, would be Ogel from the Alpha Team Lego theme. The rest of the Monster Fighters plus Wu, Nya, and Lloyd would play supporting character roles, at least for the first season.
The only aspect of the Alpha Team theme I would be bringing into the story would be Ogel, but he is not the same character you all know. He is actually the biggest part of the story, and I did that on purpose, because his name backwards spells Lego. The story would be split into “Seasons” just like the Ninjago show, and rather than doing chapters, I will be doing “Episodes”. I have written the first little bit of story, to see if you all like the story idea. I am currently working on the rest of the first Episode (chapter), and will post it after it is finished.
I would love to hear any feedback on this story idea!

Episode 1: The Legend of ArmaGarmadon


Samukai was kneeling before Lord Garmadon, head bowed. The look on his face said he was ashamed, dejected, as if he had failed. His posture was slouched, two of his arms behind his back, those hands twiddling their thumbs. However, to a trained eye, one could see his other two arms were rigid, one holding himself upright, the other held to his chest, clutching a symbol that marked him as leader of the Skullkin. If one looked carefully, they might see Samukai’s eyes did not match his posture. He was looking at the ground, as if he was trying not to meet Lord Garmadon’s gaze. In reality, he was calculating his options. Samukai was faking it.
All of this was clear to Ogel, as he stood in the shadow of a pillar, watching the scene from afar. He knew that he was concealed: he was the Master of Shadows. He could make himself appear invisible by hiding in the shadows, could move at incredible speeds using darkness, and he could blind others in a cloud of shadow. On top of this incredible ability, he was also skilled with Dark Magic. He inspected his left hand, which was an ominous glowing red. It hadn’t been many years ago his hand had been robotic, like his right eye, until he cast a spell on it so that he could hold Ninjago’s Realm Stone safely. With all these abilities, he was a powerful being. Lord Garmadon may call himself Harbinger of Darkness, but Ogel knew who the real Master of Shadows was. Ogel listened intently as Samukai began to speak.

“Master, I have failed you. The Ninja have learned Spinjitzu, and they have the Scyth,” he bowed his head.

With an evil chuckle, Garmadon said “Good. So, my brother was there.”

Samukai nodded and said, “If I gather my army, we could ambush them!”

Ogel was confused. The Skullkin did not have an army. What was Samukai playing at?

“No.” Garmadon said forcefully, “Let them think they are winning.”

Though Ogle saw his eyes flashing, knowing that meant that he was piecing together the plot, Samukai adopted a confused expressing and shrugged his shoulders, saying, “But I, uh, I don’t understand my Lord.”

Garmadon simply smiled and said, “Everything is going as planned.”

Garmadon let out a maniacal cackle, one that Ogel knew all too well. Garmadon was always good at that evil laugh thing. Ogel wasn’t as good. After his cackling died, Garmadon sent Samukai away. Ogel waited for the Skullkin to leave before making his move. Using his Elemental Power, he reappeared and walked to the center of the room, right in front of Garmadon’s throne. Ogel saw the Dark Lord’s eyes flash, and suddenly a blast of lightning rocked the ground next to Ogel.

“Who are you intruder!?” Garmadon demanded.

Ogel did not anticipate Garmadon not recognizing him. “Garmadon, it’s me. Ogel.”

As Garmadon took in his appearance, from his blonde hair, robotic eye and chiseled cheekbones, down to his ornate ebony chest armor, adventuring gear and black boots, realization set in.

“Ogel? Is that really you?” Garmadon said as he stepped down off his throne.

Ogel smiled as he said “The one and only!”

He opened his arms as Garmadon walked up to him and gave him a brief hug. They patted each other on the back, then let go of each other.

“I haven’t seen you in years old friend! You look so-different. Why have you come?”

Ogel’s smile widened as he said, “Because I’ve finally found it Garmadon. I’ve found the Ninjago Realm Stone!”

Garmadon’s eyes widened as he said, “I thought the Realm Stones were but a myth! How can you be sure?”

“I’m sure.” Ogel’s smiled turned into a serious stare and his voice lowered. “Garmadon, the power held within it-it is everything we’ve ever dreamed of. But there’s more to it. I’ve learned of a celestial event known as ArmaGarmadon. Finding the Ninjago Realm Stone has confirmed this event is coming! And I believe you are the key to it all.”

Garmadon furrowed his eyes and said, “What is this-ArmaGarmadon?”

“It is a celestial event that involves a comet that will land near Ninjago. This comet contains a power unmatched by anyone or anything this world has ever seen. But it must be summoned using the Realm Stones.”

“My god, there are more Realm Stones?” Garmadon exclaimed.

“Yes, Garmadon. There are eight Realm Stones total. And with Ninjago’s Realm Stone, we can build a device that will allow us to access these other realms! However, I need the Skullkin’s technology to build it. And there is one other thing we will need.”

Garmadon was listening intently. “What is this last item?”

Ogel smirked. “Actually, four items.”

“The Four Golden Weapons! Of course!”

“With their combined energies, concentrated by the Realm Stone, they could open a portal to another realm, enabling us to retrieve the other Realm Stones!”

Garmadon seemed at a loss for words. “Ogel, this discovery is incredible. This changes everything!”

“Yes, yes it does. Also, I couldn’t help but overhear your conversation with Samukai. Is it true someone already has one of the weapons?”

Garmadon nodded. “It is true. My brother, Wu, has gathered four young men to seek out these weapons. He has trained them in the way of the Ninja and taught them Spinjitzu. I intend to let them collect the weapons for me, as I have kidnapped the sister of one of these men. I will use her as leverage to obtain the other weapons.”

Ogel was a little taken aback. He always knew that Garmadon had a dark side to him, but he didn’t realize how far he would go in a situation like this.

“Wait, why are you hunting the weapons anyway Garmadon?”

“To rule Ninjago of course! Ogel, isn’t this what we wanted when we learned Dark Magic together? To usurp the people in charge and become rulers of Ninjago and their surrounding islands?”

Ogel smiled. “Of course, Garmadon.”

“Then we have no time to waste! Let us start construction of this ArmaGarmadon Device, and let the Ninja collect the weapons for us!”

Though he was unnerved at the thought of kidnaping, Ogel was happy to see his old friend once again. Ogel did not want to reveal himself to the Skullkin just yet, so he asked for Garmadon to keep him somewhere secret. Ogel was given Garmadon’s personal chambers to work, and given all the technology he needed to start working on the device. Him and Garmadon talked for hours, laughing at all the devious things they had done and the old tales they told. Ogel had forgotten what it was like to have a friend as good as Garmadon. He realized how much he had missed his friendship. Now that he had the Ninjago Realm Stone, he and Garmadon were one step closer to their dream of ruling Ninjago once and for all!

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