Armor dump

armors and descriptions I came up for my story and in some spare time

Solar Angel Armor

quoted from DeviantArt page:
The general colors and the name of Vent/Sam/Sentinel VX's armor

Here's the general retrospective:

A suit design based on a prototype from a short time after many conflicts. This armor was generally designed to fight many threats. Materials used include armor which can hold high pressure(handling 1000 psi), and lift high amounts of of weight(at the weight of 2,000,000 Kilo, though it changes much). Max speed is often measured at 2 light years per minute but is often limited at 800 KM per hour. It also has an associated sword(but it's another story and another article). There are also guns that can be installed within, and an available sensor, which can scan for Ki, Mana, Energy, and generally heat of both energy, living, dead and mechanical beings, and is mostly hacking and nanomachine(also disease) proof, except for the few things in that category that can affect the suit. Other wise most of the things are aesthetics other then the two rods on the back, which either act as cannons/laser emitters, Beam sabers, or just stay there and do nothing, or be a combination on rare occurrences.

First seen aswell as first recorded non-test fight was during 2315, during the late winter as a small attack was launched on the city of Arcadia by anonymous forces. While JMP was distracted, Sam used the suit after recommendation. The suit, in it's first battle, preformed excellent, and didn't have a single scratch compared to other armors with similar capabilities. Plans to mass produce such armor have been cancelled however, but it is rumored they already have prototype copies. However, recently, the armor has been needing more repairs with each opponent being stronger...


Armor takes several design cues, including the EVA armor(The helmet, ofcourse), Cybertronians from the Bay-formers movies, Batman(Crotch), Optimus prime(those weird pipes/sabers), and several other armor designs. Also there will be a palette swap collection of the suits with explanations on the various colors

Lunar Arch Angel Armor

Quoted from DeviantArt:
And, after showcasing Sentinel VX's armor, I present: The Lunar Arch-Angel Armor, my own personal set

Breif rundown and Description:

A prototype suit created after Sam's first run of the original suit, it is of similar high quality and power. The suit however does not support beam saber armorments and is extremely heavy and durable, much more then the normal suit. Top speed recorned at 2.1 Light years, restricted speed 200 MPH, with a maximum pressure resistance of 200,000 PSI. Large amounts of re-enforced metal and help system allow the person inside to survive high-speed or high pressure enviroments. This suit also features built-in weapons including miniature gattling guns, large cannons, many missile canopies and many more. However, this suit has it's down sides, as physical, Melee weapons other then what JMP can summon must be installed onto the main suit.

The suit first debuted in the fourth fight the original Solar Angel suit was defeated in. It appeared briefly, destroying the enemy unit and helping Sentinel return to the main base of Arcadia. Ever since it has been noted that the suit is either absorbed/part of JMP or as it's own suit. Though there are rumors(again) that the government has taken advantage and made copies of the suit....

Twilight Tyrant Armor:

Quoted from DeviantArt

I'm sure there's some jokes, which I didn't factor into this, but I'll continue...

Brief description and Explaination:

A mythical armor, first discovered in it's origin form, found at the center of a small asteroid thought to have been part of, even possibly the core of a planet. Said armor soon however became infamous when a power-hungry crew member placed it on. Given the raw power of destruction, the Twilight Tyrant armor and it's wearer became the ruler of the universe, until the owner's demise at the hands of a man named JMP. However, even with it's destruction it's legacy lived on as it's legendary status continued.

Soon Derkayes, after hearing of the armor, searched and found where the remains were kept, and soon gained the armor, which he modified into it's Rebuild format. However, as he didn't know it's power, it was a very weak version and prototype, destroyed in a skirmish with Sentinel VX's version 2 solar angel. The remains however were scavenged and brought back to Derkayes

Now kept in storage, it's current form is nicknamed 'the Total Rule' form. With deployable sentries and a beam saber with the power to extend a cut right through a planet the size of Earth. It's strength and speed are unknown but are said to be infinite by some technicians under Derkayes' rule, and it is a dangerous item well feared. However, there are even more items said to be able to defeat it....

Critique and comment


They all look very nice. Like the textures and colors on the Twilight Tyrant Armor. They stand out in a good way.