Armor made out of Kanohi/Kanoka or armor with Kanohi/Kanoka abilities?

An idea I had for some time now.
You have seen the title, what about armor thats made out of Kanoka/Kanohi?

By that i mean so it has its abilities.

Armor made out of metalic protodermis AND a high purity Kanoka of regenaration could possibly be VERY strong.
An armor that regenerates the useres wounds in battle sounds like something very useful.

OR combine the materials used to make a Kiril and then some armor to make an armor that regenerates ITSELF.

I know its HIGHLY UNLIKELY :gregf:
But still a cool idea to think about.
The possibilities here could be very broad and interesting.
What kind off Kanoka equipment would you like to see?


It’s certainly possible it could be made:

As to answer the other part of your question, Hau armor would probably be pretty good to have, and I like the question-asker’s idea of a leg-mounted levitation device.


It is possible and has even been done in canon before. Ancient had boots with Levitation Kanoka that allowed him to hover when he stomped on the ground.

The one thing to keep in mind is the quote that @CMO posted; the armour would have to be activated by physical contact, which would certainly make Hau-powered armour awkward to use.


hmm, I find Greg’s answer quite intriguing.

There’s a lot of potential for interesting weapons and armor to be imagined by creative fans.

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Kakama-boots would probably be useful.


Just think, if you had Regeneration Kanoka armor, you’d practically be unstoppable, because every hit your enemy takes just repairs your armor.


Maybe a teleport armor would be good if it teleports the attacker.
If it teleports the wearer it should be similar to Ancients boots.

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There’s a Minecraft mod where you can make armour that teleports you away randomly if you’re in a dangerous location – I.e. drowning, burning in lava, suffocating in gravel. Perhaps teleport armour would function similarly?


That would be pretty useful.

Honestly, I was thinking you could pound your fist on your chest and it would activate. Although… I don’t know how you’d disable it. Would it be a one-hit-and-done type thing, or would there be a time limit before the shield expires? :woman_shrugging:

Thinking back now

just imagine how OP would a Krast armor be?
Or turn yourself into a boomerang with the mask of rebounding lol

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Lol as soon as your enemy hits you they fly off :rofl:

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Maybe that’s how Balta’s Repellers were made.


that makes sense

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So Vultraz’s dream could be a reality! He could “tap his red feet together and wish real hard” and go home!


Well with Olmak boots atleast.


I might use this idea in requiem… (My Bionicle continuation featuring the Toa Hagah and the Yesterday questers)

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