Around The World Moc Contest!

Ok, I was thinking about a minecraft animation I saw, and there was a mexican band playing a beautiful song. It made me want to make a trumpet playing dude, which led to this contest.


  • Mocs have to be based on a country or island
  • Mocs can use any lego theme (System, CCBS, Bionicle, ect.)
  • Up to 2 entries
  • If you make politically charged comments, you will be punished accordingly. -Eljay
  • Understand that the following image is terrible photography
  • Enjoy! (OR ELSE!)

Contest ends July 9, 2016


Any limit to the amount of pieces we can use? Im thinking about japan…


don’t tell me what to do/s

is it ok if I build a lego minifig of Dormald troompus? or should it be bigger?

/joke, this pretty interesting

You can use about… Countable Infinity parts.

Ok thanks.

I call Japan!

Well, this was not expected. Cats for everyone!

I won’t enter, but I will say that I like how original and unique this contest is.

so, we both do Japan?

I get dibs on Russia.
Is LDD allowed?

@Sammythekat Sure!

@Hewkii_The_Hanar Ok!

Also, the prizes?

'Cause if this is just a Com. MOC project, I say give the topic to @Hewkii_The_Hanar


I can draw a hand-drawn picture, or a moc of choice. I’m not the best artist, or mocist, so unless you want a triangle solo, that’s all I got. (And you also win a good feeling)

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I’m going to go hardcore and make a Greenland MoC


Australian Moc
I might do one.
When is the due date?

@AdamusTheFirst How about… July 9th 2016

Can’t only masters start MOC contests?
or is that only projects?

@king328 I wanted to know myself, and I remember that I saw a post saying it was only projects. Also, i’ve seen a lot of non-masters make contests and never get marked for it. If only masters could make contests, there would be a lot less.

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I would like the wonderful nation of 'MURICA.

This should be fun.

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