Arsenal- Alien Ware weaponry designs

Alien Ware, A weapon design using either alien technology are illegally acquired weapons from being not of this earth. Whether it be rail guns, plasma casters, or binary rifles, this product line covers all bases of the idea of alien weaponry.

The Multi-tool:
The multi tool is a multi weapon that assembles using digital construction technology from a physical gauntlet, and while they actual weapon may be assembled using digital construction, the punches it blows feel all to real. The gauntlet can be used a computer with heads up holographic display, but as previously mentioned it can be used to deploy the initial weapon parts, including a Super heated underhanded blade with micro burst fire capabilities, and a plasma caster with a semi auto features.

The Rapier:
The rapier is a burst fire plasma rifle with barely any firing noise if any, But the benefits of this weapon aren’t in the gun itself. The advantages of this gun mainly lay withing the blade attachment. The blade is nothing special in and of itself except that it was made super heat resistant. Which is an advantage as the gun tend to overheat, which means once the blade overheats it becomes the basic equivalent, not exact equivalent, of a light saber.

The Princess:
A humble and elegant weapon, the princess is A rail gun with non-lethal and only stun purposes. Temporarily stunning the targets immune, and nervous system functions, including muscular functions. Featured as well is a target reader, basically it’s a scope with stats, like muscle mass, their records, etc.

The brute-bone-saw:
This weapon could be as far away from the princess’s purpose as possible, it was made to kill. Not maim, stun, or wound, only kill. It’s a rapid fire plasma gun, at a whopping 40 rounds per second. And if someone were to get to close the to large mandible like blades at the front would shred through there flesh like a knife through butter.

The Kraken:
The kraken is a Tesla lightning gun, powered by 2 electrical magnets. The electricity from the gun isn’t like electricity but is actually more like lightning. Every once of energy comes out of the gun immediately connects to any object near it except for the user thanks to the 2 large moving panels in the front. Although all the power does come at a cost as the 10 magnets require to cool off if used for to long.

The (0):
The (0) is an alien sniper rifle with several capabilities in the design. Which are highlighting heads, cloaking, infer-red, wall sight, and a firing sound so quiet it may as well be considered a mouse squeak. (Props to you if you understood it was a borderlands 2 reference)

The King:
The king is the rail gun that the Princess was based on, but while the princess is a stun device the King is a pure rail gun.Able to blow a hole through and penetrate at least five targets and keeps going. Powered by a blue spinning plasma motor, it doesn’t even require any reload or cool down.

The B.L.G. (Black lotus gun):
The B.L.G. is a giant overpowered rail gun that the King was based off of. The energy is built up in the barrel area, and the ‘leafs’ of the gun aggravate and boost the energy and decide whether or not the beam would would be in a funnel shape or not. To demonstrate how powerful it is, long story short there’s a giant hole in the moon now. Which is why the construction and distribution of this weapon is illegal in all ways.


Most of them look pretty good, and there are also some really cool ones! Good job

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Yeah thanks, I’m eh at making mocs, but I’m great at making guns

Now these are scifi!! to the extreem!!

But why do most of them have the same general four prong rail gun shape?

What do you mean?

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Most of he guns looks quite similar in overall design.

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I know that the panel system on some of them look a little similar but eh not really.

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