Art Styles You Love

Share the work of your favourite artists, and help others find artists with similar style.

I simply adore the rough and edgy scratchboard-like style of Hajime Ueda and Ville Pirinen. It's also super fun to imitate. I'd love to find other artist with a similar style.


I honestly don't know what styles I like.

As a bit of an in-experienced artist myself, I'm a bit neutral on the matter, not minding very many art styles at all.

Do you prefer realistic images over more cartoonish? What about methods? Do you have any painting that you like?

I kinda like a mix of cartoonish and realistic, where it's definitely not real but meant to resemble it.

I don't really know many painting methods, though, so I can't say about that XP

I see. How about cartoons and comics? Do you have any favourites?


Something like avatar the last airbender too.

In terms of animation I would have to go with the CGI of Ninjago and the almost clay looking SW: The Clone Wars characters

Not specifically ._.

I'm not entirely sure what the exact name of this kind of style is, but I tend to like dark, dramatic, and mysterious styles of art such as these.

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One thing I really like is pastel dream-like colors, and no outlining.
I'm thinking of making my own series (though I don't know if I want to do a cartoon or a comic series) that hopefully will have those.

I like Abstract, and Abstract-Expressionism. Here's some art from my favorite artists:

This is my favorite piece of art ever, of all time. ^^^


Wow. That's some heavy stuff.
My favorite is probably that bird one.


I don't really have a favorite but I do really love seeing the same thing drawn in multiple styles.

Jack Kirby draws action.

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... I can't choose from the large library of anime and cartoons I know...

I guess I like Clone Wars(the miniseries from 2003), Gundam Wing, and Megaman's artstyles

There's one person who does art that I really like

you've probably never heard of him


Who's that?

Jack Kirby is one of the best.

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can't tell if serious

or just kidding



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