Artahka, Humble Creator (Canon Contest #2 - Meet the Maker)

At the recommendation of a few redditors and Instagram followers, I am here with my entry to the contest. The design for Artahka was started with the mask, and branched outward. I know gold isn’t canon, but I thought it looked regal. His hammer was designed to be lackluster, something he would have grabbed out of need. His build is influenced by many of the titans who are in the OOMN, thighs and arms from Axonn, shins and feet (somewhat) from Brutaka, and spine from Umbra. He isn’t the biggest and most intricate, but like most characters behind the scenes, who is? Thank you to everyone for the kind words and support getting me to enter.



Entry shot:

Mask designed by KhingK: The Legendary Mask of Creation by KhingK - Thingiverse
Bought from Etsy seller Bio4sale: Here
Breakdown of build:


I wouldn’t worry about the gold. It’s not canon, but it’s also not not canon.

I think the rules are allowing for a secondary colour in addition to the green.


Oh I know, I just feel like I need to come out apologizing, I know there was some backlash when I posted him on reddit a few months ago from purists who found gold a bit outlandish.

Ignore the purists, not worth the time :laughing: I love the darker metru gold, think it would look great next to sand green, shame so few pieces have that color. You did a great job, good luck!

-Solaris Magnus


Thank you, I had some extra flat dark gold and thought it would make a good combo. I know sand green is the main in canon, but thinking on the Wizard of Oz kind of comparison, gotta get that emerald city vibe in there.

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Glad you decided to enter! It’s a good moc, and the gold complements the metru green well.

I like him! He looks like an actual titan set lego would put out.

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Thank you, I really enjoy building in dark green (my self-moc was Kongu combined with Defilak, eventually a Maxillos frame with dark green). The gold was just something that really just drew me in, and I had to just buy up all the dark gold I could find in the US on bricklink.

Very cohesive, truly unique.

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Thank you, many of the color choices were painstakingly made with the green/gold balance. I originally wanted gold on the forearms and the lower armor on the torso, but the touches of green in those areas worked to balance.

This is literally the only entry I have seen (disclaimer: I haven’t seen all of them) that comes even close to how I feel Artakha should look. Hats off to you.

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I like it but he feels too short and a little skinny. Also the lack of grey armor is a minor con. Otherwise, I really like the legs and the hammer.

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Thank you. @Keplers I was aiming for my mind’s image of it, he’s the brother of Karzahni, he was the one who was more down to earth. Which weirdly subliminally influenced the design on some level. Looking at the photo of Karzahni from the atlas book, there might be a resemblance. I just wanted to attempt some interesting shapes and thought it would work. He hides in a fortress, makes the most beautiful tech in the universe for those who can do what he can’t, he doesn’t need to be over the top.
@Toa_Good_Guy I think the short and skinny was a bit of a byproduct of the parts I used. I could imagine he would stand equal to most titans in height.

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Love it. This amount of metru feet is what all mocs lack.


They’re just so useful, and there’s a limit as to what flat dark gold parts are out there

Big dude.

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Very nice. I would have added a cape, though

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A custom cape would have been great, I don’t think the standard black would have been fitting for him though.

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I like the hammer design very elegant. wanted a to make a similar one for my entry but I didn’t have two of those large round pieces only had one. And no time for brick link so my hammer is a monstrosity.

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Thank you, I was looking at the Monkie Kid barrels from one of the sets when designing the top of the hammer. I used a similar design, running the 3 length axle with the end stud through the length,ending up in the technic discs which are connected with the parts running between. I just liked the profile and heft the hammer made. I decided on using the connectors to be the handle because a standard axle is a bit flimsy for something that substantial.