Artahka, the Greatest Being (Canon contest 2: meet the maker)

While this is not at all how I envision Artahka, I actually like it. In my head, I picture a large, blacksmith-esque individual working in a forge. Your rendition, however (If it was meant seriously), could simply be a tall-but-not-swole version of that blacksmith.

Had he been blue, this could have easily been a G1 reimagining of Emiku!


There’s no way that’s enough green


I noticed several people mentioning it to you in other threads, but I urge you to look at the updated rules. 60% is now a suggestion rather than a rule, and two greens are allowed as long as one is sand green.

you’re right I completely forgot about that
I’m super sorry, my brain’s been a little fried lately.

yep, that should be a g2 head
gotta work with what ya got

Thank you for your time and your entry. Unfortunately, we have made the difficult decision to disqualify it.

Much to our dismay, we have decided to enact rule 11, a first since we created the rule:

We are not making the claim that this entry was submitted in bad faith, instead opting to enact this via the final section of the rule, as we have reason to believe it may disrupt the voting process.

We never enjoy these decisions, as we always prefer more entries over less. It’s an unfortunate situation, but we thank you for your time regardless.

We hope you understand,



only 7 hours


I get that this is kind of a joke, but I legitimately really like the hammer design.


that’s kind of what I suspected, once death of the artist comes into play and people don’t know your own intention; people might rally around the simplest entry they can find for similar reasons as Hoseryx.


Best hammer I’ve seen yet. For real.

Why is it so good?

i should’ve seen that one coming, given what happened last time

@gen.make @darkbrick999 should i add instructions for it?

I don’t think that the mask of creation can be attached to the head like that.

Reason he attached it like that is so that it’ll line up with the eyes. Like he explained before, it should be a G2 head but it doesn’t exist in Stud io at this time.

Ok then

You can if you want, but they wouldn’t be that useful to me, since I lack the pieces to build it in real life.

im a little out of touch with the creative community. what program or site do you use to assemble MOCs like this? ive been wanting to do this for years

It looks like a rendered model.

Jokes aside, I actually legitimately like this entry.

Sure, it’s just an inika build with added color, but at least it isn’t a super complicated, overbuilt, badly proportioned titan. It looks like an artakha canister set, and I can respect that.

I also really like the colours. Sand green, with grey/gunmetal armour, might not be the most canon look, but I really like it, and might do something similar.
(I am curious, though, how a g2 head would attach, since it has a socket and not a ball)

I can’t in good faith say it would’ve had my vote, since it would probably get way overshadowed by some awesome moc; I wouldn’t say it’s awesome, but I can say it is pretty good, in my opinion.

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yes, it’s expect a lot of frustration, and not having the parts that you want.

but it’s not like theres much choice, LDD is dead and digital creation is important

Oh yes, absolutely. I have a lot of love for even if I don’t use it myself. I know a few artists who do and their works are great.

Gotta love and appreciate the 3D modellers who are also actively working on making Bionicle parts for it, as well as making parts packs for the custom models and masks!