Artahka, the Master of the first Forge(Bionicle Canon Contest #2: Meet The Maker, Part 2 (Art))

Here’s my entry for the contest, a busy forgemaster, having just completed the mask of shadows, it’s opposite sibling soon to follow.

Also @Connor_Hoffman thank you for the opportunity, this was a challengingly wonderful MOC to artistically render in my style.

Bonus Variants of Artahka's artwork

I made four variants, two with the cape, two without, and all four having a gold variant.

I chose the version without the cape as my main entry as I think it looks the best.

Mask of Creation Concept Art

  • The mask is based loosely off the concept art for the G2 mask of creation, as well as a Hau.
  • For runes I used the nuva symbols combined with the Skrall runic language.
  • I gave design points from both the Avohkii and the Kraahkan, imagining that the two took their design elements from the ‘parent mask’.
  • I kept the mask gold because all the Legendary masks, despite their many bearers, the masks remained gold, and only under certain circumstances changed their colors. As this is not Artahka’s original mask, I opted to stay true to the lore.

And just because I could, the 3D model of the mask.


Very nice! Good luck Tropi


WOW Great Art!
I love especially fire’s light, background(forging room), and mask design! :blush: :blush:

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Thank you!

Thank you very much! :heart:

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I love this design! The Mask is fantastic! the Art is Outstanding! Truly a great piece to behold.

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A little too much blue in my opinion but still pretty good. The background and anvil are especially well done!


Well, Artahka’s a bit larger and more detailed a biggie ladd than I usually draw. more pins, more axles, more… everything over all.

Perhaps it is a bit much, but I think it lends well to him.

Thank you for your feedback, and for the compliment.


Nice mask! The swirling forms remind me of mesoamerican art and the bronze sculptures of the ba-shu culture from ancient China.

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It does take some notes from the G2 MoC’s concept art where the masks were massive and ornate, very beautiful and very geometrical with just loads of those swirls.

If you haven’t already I totally suggest giving them a look for yourself.

And definitely now that you mention it it only adds to the concept that this was a mask of many cultures, brought into one.

Yeah, I’ve seen those. I can see the inspiration. I’m surprised that no one has imitated the style of the prototype mask of creation or whatever mask that was on the leaked 2015 cardboard stand yet. I always thought it was kinda cool.


Quite impressive, though the sand green isn’t really noticable.

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Fair, but to be truthful, sand green isn’t quite a robust color to start with, and atmospheric/ambient lighting doesn’t exactly help.

But I assure you. it is indeed there.

I love the murals on the wall!
The atmosphere is great and the mask is exquisite. I think the mask looks like the face of a teddy bear at first glance. Does anyone feel the same way?:joy:


Gosh, thank you! :blush: It makes me very happy to know so many people are really liking the piece for all the work I poured into it!

And now that you mention it, it kinda does! haha

Ol’ papa bear Artahka :wink:


The mask sort of reminds me of fat Buddha statues



Truely, an Auspicious mask!

I can totally see the comparison too with the cheeks and side detailing. :joy:

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I love all the different glows!

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Thank you!

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It’s vastly different from my own interpretation - but that’s the cool part, is seeing how all the different fans can come together and make wildly different pictures of the same MOC! I espcially love how the technic pins glow blue. Excellent touch.


Yesss, that’s one of the best parts, too. seeing so many vast varieties in the art style and how he was interpreted, then the creative takes on the masks too

This is why I hid messages inside the art,
“Creation is food for the soul”
“The Cradle of Creation”

and in the speed paint video I had this in the end credits:

“Creativity is contagious, pass it on” - Albert Einstein

And thank you! :smiley: I’m pretty fond with how it adds to the atmosphere, myself.