Artakha Contest entry: Meet The Maker

Photos of artakha moc

This is my contest entry. I am happy with how it turned out. The moc as a lot of mobility most notably is the torso it can twist and go forward and back and side to side and still be sturdy . Also I don’t own the g2 mask of creation I believe it’s called although if I did I might have used it but instead tried my hand at custom head making and I wish I owned more sliver pieces but I think it came out ok

I only release after I took the pictures but there is a different shade of green piece on the back I forgot to change and I just hope it is considered a sand green colour so I don’t have to change it and re take the photos. Please let me know if it is a problem.



I like the skirt armour. But what’s up with the random sand green piece on the back? It’s completely out of place and in one photo you even have an Inika build which has four of that piece in dark green on it. Why didn’t you just use one of those?

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Because before I read the rules properly I was experimenting with that colour as a secondary colour. but didn’t have a lot of pieces in that colour so took it all off and because it was in the back I forgot to take that one piece off and replace it just hope I don’t have to re take all my photos because of one piece

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I like it! Honestly, seeing all the G2 masks of creation floating around has gotten kinda dull, It’s nice to see something not gold, even if its a similar shape.

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What paint I didn’t paint anything.

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Oh crud I commented on the wrong MOC!

Whoops sorry for the confusion

No worries

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Oh I really like how much articulation you built into there. The mask also looks great!

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