Artakha Designed as the TTV Logo

I’ve been re-watching the Brickonicle episodes over the past few days. In one episode, the cast joked that the island should be shaped like the TTV logo.

So I gave it a shot.

Personally, I think it looks better when upside down.

It works surprisingly well for the current canonical layout the cast has described.

  • Mangai, specifically the volcano, sits near the center of the island.
  • Mangai and Ihu are separated by the volcano for the Firespitter attack.
  • Mangai, Ihu, and Tiro have access into Motara through the Merchant Gates.
  • Narmoto leaves Mangai after being banished, and ends up in a forest (Tiro).
  • Kanae floats near Tiro per Lewa’s flashback episode (episode 3).
  • Also, Bingzak is friends with Korgot, so it’s fitting that their regions are close enough for easy travel.
  • Naho secludes themselves from the other villages.
  • Rivers from there can feed the forest of Tiro.

I made the larger of the two dots bigger than it is in the logo because it didn’t look as good with so much space between it and the main shape. Also, the way I colored it forms a Pokeball. That wasn’t intentional, but now that I think about it, if Makuta is sealed in the volcano… :thinking:


This looks awesome! I love to see any work or thought still put into Brickonicle. I’m still hoping that one day it may be reborn…


Same. I’m just about caught up with all the episodes, and now I want to continue the story.


Lol. :rofl: