Artakha: Hand of Creation (Canon Conest #2 - Meet the Maker)

This is a Contest that I’ve been eagerly awaiting. Artakha was one of my first proper MOCs that I made, and the idea of entering my version of him into this contest is one that I’ve eagerly anticipated since the contests were first being discussed.

That being said, this contest came at a bit of an inopportune time for me, as I had just left for college about a week before the contest was announced. I actually had to mail Artakha to college in order to get the necessary pictures and enter into this contest.

But enough about my experience with this MOC. Here it is.

Entry photo




Cool action pose

The Hand of Artakha (haha get it)

You can put the hammer on the back too

Cool hammer closeup

Breakdown Photos


Torso front

Torso back


Originally, I had used trans dark green parts on the hammer and torso, and a blue eyestalk. I changed them to transparent lime since I wanted them to match the eystalk, and there isn’t a dark green G2 eyestalk.

I hope you like my take on Artakha. Hopefully this will be worth shipping him out here for. If I need to add any other breakdown photos, please let me know.


Very intuitive leg design, great job and good luck!

-Solaris Magnus

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Quite a nice parts usage with the hammer. Good luck in the contests!

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Looks good! All sorts of bohrok shields on him, eh?

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You had him mailed to you??
That’s some dedication!

The fact the hammer’s handle is bending is has me uneasy, even if the rest of the moc screams that good g1 contests nostalgia, like for the Dark Hunters. I know you can’t fix it right now, but I would advise when you have the opportunity to stabilize the shaft a bit more to make the hammer more sturdy and put less stress, even superficial stress, on the piece.

Also, cool funky lighting y’got there.

good luck!

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The lighting makes him look blue in most shots, but other than that, he looks good!

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Love the heavy use of g1 bionicle parts

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