Artakha Instructions art

This was a work of about a month to be used in the instructions of the created model.

For its development, the 2008 concept of colors was maintained with gray-blue for the background, and the Bionicle font was tried to replicate the color used in 2008.

the background intends to approach the art created by Pertual with the use of the stairs.

the second image works like the back cover images of the titans instructions from the 2003-2005 era.

instructions available on Gumroad:


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Looks pretty nice!

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Holy cow, that looks great! i’d buy that set!


This moc looks amazing, but I have an issue with the upper legs. The pistons don’t connect to the hand piece in the waist, and if I’m not mistaken if it did the leg would only move frontwards and slighly sideways but not rotate as is seen here. Perhaps you’ve built it physically and proved it works but just you can’t on Studio.

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The idea of an image or 3d render is to give the idea or illusion that the pose and the character mark presence but not be an example of being correct with the physical figure.
taking this to what is seen in Lego there are many examples of this; Onua 2001, the secondary image of de toa ignika, Tuma.

therefore it was a decision to favor the concept of what the figure should offer you when you see the image (impose, look attractive) to what I am aware of.

pose was not worked on :wink:


very pretty


Looking really cool. I’d love to see a full manual.

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the instructions of the model are gumroad (link in the post)

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