Artakha, King of Creation (Meet the Maker)

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Mask by Galva

Parts Pack
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I really like this one! Very straightforward but concise and solid build and silhouette. Really feels like it could’ve been a set. Would you be able to post a pix of it in Sand green, would love to see that! Only downside for me is the mask haha. Great job and good luck!

-Solaris Magnus

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I like the use of hoses! May have my vote!

Interesting to see you lean more on the technic side for this kind of MOC. Looks a little too hard on the sci-fi edge for Artakha, but a cool MOC nonetheless.

Sand green, as requested


Oooh. I love it. Really nice job here!

-Solaris Magnus

Hmm… interesting.

Good looking moc! I like the technic panel armor, and the colors look nice

this is digital right? so why isn’t the armor sand green? just wondering.

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Those weird shoulder gaps are really throwing me off. Still a good build overall.

I wanted to make it with parts in colors that actually exist. It forces me to problem solve and get more creative to get the look I want.

I see what you mean

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This doesn’t really look like a G1 MOC to me, so I won’t be voting for it. But I do think that it looks really cool. It has a very sleek, high-tech aesthetic that I think works quite well, and the sort of Tetris-looking hammer is neat.

This is really nice. The way everything’s put together and fully integrated with the Technic lift arms and shells makes it feel like an actual set, maybe something we would’ve gotten if CCBS hadn’t become a thing.