Artakha, The Allfather (Canon Contest #2 - Meet the Maker) #Artarix

After days of hard work, I proudly present my submission for the second canon contest. Meet

Artakha: The Allfather

I wanted to something unorthodox. Many submitted MOCs, despite being amazing builds were just, as somebody jokingly called them, Bufftakhas (referring to them being just “Big Dudes”).

From the beginning I had a pretty good idea what I wanted to do.

My Artakha is in fact very inspired by Hellenic myths. As you can see, he has a total of 12 limbs (6 legs, 4 arms and 2 wings), and that’s for a good reason - he’s based on the mythical Hekatóncheires (The Hundred-Handed Ones). Of course, he doesn’t have 100 limbs (as it’s impossible to physically do), but I gave him many limbs.

If you don’t know Hellenic myths well, the Hekatóncheires helped Zeus to overthrow the Titans and along with Cyclops made the lightning bolts for him.

My Artakha is also a Centaur - but that’s obvious. Some centaurs were known for their wisdom, though.

I also thought that four arms would help him is the being a smith, as he could do more things at once.

When it comes to the build itself, I wanted to blend all the eras of Bionicle together and for it to look as a believable Bionicle set. It’s a big problem I have with many MOCs - they look amazing, but I don’t think LEGO would ever make something like this. While mine design is simpler, but looks like an actuall LEGO set.

Later images are screenshots from, as rendering them all would be a nightmare.





Second side





Leg design


Foot/hand design

These length-2 axles are present only on feet to help the model stand.

Upper body - front


Upper body - side

Lower body

(Note the two Avohkiis there - a little nod to old Rahi designs with Kanohis serving as normal parts)



Lower body - inside (no top)


The gears do not move - they are here just as a detail

KhingK’s Mask of Creation (just make it canon - it’s a perfect design!):

Link to .io file (Google Disc):


Well this isn’t what I expected to see in the running.


Artarix, I shall call him (Artakha+Miserix). Awesome MOC. Astonishing concept. Great scale. 10/10 (but I do not like inner body construction). I can hail it for long time, but you know… thi isn’t like Arthakha should look. It very Bionicle-ish and stuff, but… Karzahni wouldn’t even look formidable next to it. I is unique interpretation, and one I like, but it would be strange to be canon. Do I like it? Totally. Will I vote for it? I think no. Also, very nice axles-supporters on the feet.


I love how unorthodox it is!


Thanks for the feedback! I also took your name for the MOC.

But Karzahni in Mahri Nui is degenerated, so I think his old form was much more formidable.

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Huh, I honestly expected something more unorthodox, nice MOC though!

But I honestly wouldn’t know how to feel if it was canon…

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Seriously, though, his description was: BIG guy. Any interpretation is correct with so few details. We had much more info during the first contest.

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As Eljay said before, we probably would’ve heard about his multiple arms if he truly had them, but this is not my place to complain and besides the MOC is great!


Meh, details. XD


I love the build. Not sure how I feel about Artahka have six legs though… Nicely done anyways!

Wow. Certainly unique. As a MoC, its fantastic, excellent job, seriously. Don’t think I can personally envision it as Artakha though. Regardless, great job and good luck!

-Solaris Magnus


I’ll be honest, I like the creativity with the moc and it is interesting to look at. The only thing is I don’t think this should be an artakha. It would be better as something of an OC or a representation of a Greek mythological thing.

Or… Norse mythological thing? All father usually refers to Odin but you said it’s Hellenistic based? Anyway, yeah It looks interesting. I’d like to see other things you can build

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Allfather is like an Indo-European thing in general. But I didn’t ment it in the mythological way - Artakha made Toa Mata, so he’s kinda their father.

Oh, that’s an honor! Also, I always thought that Karzahni’s underwater form looked way more menacing than the original one, actually. Also I forgot to mention, aside from sand green (wait a second: why it is not the sand green?) pieces there are still plenty of painted pieces: light silver fingers and blades, golden shoulders and Antroz’s blades and so on (I can be mistaken with some). This is a cone our entries share, I think. But than again, I love it.

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It is sand green, but makes colors much lighter - look on the rendered image.

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Cool as hell. More of the important characters should have been bizarre stuff like this instead of ‘big humanoid guy.’

edit: why did this get flagged lmao


Cool moc, I’m glad to see some more unusual and creative entries!

This is so rad, it’s out there and weird in a way that’s totally refreshing and inspiring. Kudos to you for the concept and the execution, it looks awesome with the ability to put the parts in sand green. I think this forsure has my vote just based on the gumption

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and greekpilled

jokes aside it’s not that great of an entry, it’s certainly unique but it leaves a lot to be desired
something like this with more effort put in would be a very interesting entry

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and what, from your perspective, would visually demonstrate “more effort”?