Artakha - The Creator (Canon Contest #2: Meet the Maker)

yo all of you from the ttv board here is my take on artakha the maker hope you all enjoi

Entry Photo:

front :

back :

side right:

side left:

just another angel of him:

size comperson to brutaka

another angel

and another angel

well locks like he dos not like creapers

i recomed to back off from that fing

just tell me if you need more stuff @Eljay
ps sorry for bad gramar and riting i have dyslksya and are viking so yea

This man has a minimum of four olmaks, I feel insuperior


He looks like Brutaka’s cooler older brother

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Lewa Nuva got SWOLE!

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I love it when people flex all their hard to get masks by using them as frickin armor (like those olmaks.) Very nice moc. Its nice to see a spindly boi amongst all the swoletahka’s

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