Artakha: the 'Great Being' created by Great Beings (Canon Contest #2: Meet the Maker)

Hello there!

Let me introduce my imagination of the greatests creator in the Matoran Universe, which is Artakha. I’ve called hin ‘Great Being’ createt by Great Beings because actually he is for the residents of the Mata Nui what Great Beings were for residents of Spherus Magna. Anyway, here he is [EDIT: 5 new pictures have been added to match ‘single shade of green’ rule with replaced finger tips]:

As you can see, I’ve used dark green. I also have made him a crown from lime green pieces but to be honest it is just for me to have pleasure from looking at him because the mask will be designed in the second part of the contest anyway.
What was important to me is to make him look good next to the other members of the Order of Mata Nui, make him look like the G1 bionicles, like G1 titans, which I think has been achieved.
Here are some other pictures of my creation:


Side view:

Back view:

Action poses:

Fighting poses:

Next to other members:

And because he was kind of blacksmith:

And with some binoculars for finishing his creations:

He has been making masks as well:

His hammer:

And finally some fracted parts:




The model has 576 pieces including hammer and chain. In detail:
Chain: 7 pieces;
Hammer: 56 pieces;
Legs: 164 pieces;
Feet: 88 pieces;
Arms: 78 pieces;
Hands: 40 pieces;
Head: 26 pieces;
Torso: 134 pieces.
Hope you like it and I will not have to change his head because of ‘single shade of green’ rule because it will be desingn in the second part of the competition anyway.


Amazing! I love how you made not just Arthaka himself, but the forge as well! This might be the one that gets my vote!


Paint me like one of your French matoran.

Really like the hammer design! It looks like a hammer, and not just a blob on a stick like some other entries.


Very spiky, and with the chains, I can see a connection to Karzahni. Great work!


Wow. Really solid build. I like it


Grandiose, imposing, great job! Congratulations on being in the minority who did their research and made the hammer a crafting tool, not an oversized weapon :+1:

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Hey, thank you so much for entering!

You had asked in another topic if having the mask contain another green was acceptable or not, since it may not matter during the art contest. Hesitantly, we’ll say that’s fine. However, that in conjunction with the ends of the fingers is leaning a bit much into the too many shades of green, as you also have transparent highlights throughout the MOC.

As such, we’re gonna need to ask that either the mask and the fingers change their color, the fingers alone, or the highlights. One of those will need to change before we can accept it.

Thank you, and best of luck!

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I’ll change the tips for sure (as I did understand that should work and I will not have to change anything else, right?). Do I have to change all the photos or just make few new photos and add those in the beggining?

That’d be all. And yeah, just a few new photos at the beginning will be fine.

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Thanks a lot! I’ll add them tomorrow.

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Love the hammer, genuinely the best use of the Kohrak-Kal shields I think I’ve ever seen.

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@Eljay I’ve added some new pictures with replaced tips. Is it ok now?

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He’s cool. He reminds me of that tribal aspect of the early days of Bionicle on Matanui Island

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I really, really like this one.

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I’m not usually a fan of mallet style hammers but yours is definitely an exception. I love the tubes running between the bohrok shield gears and the larger gears hidden underneath. It gives a stronger illusion of mechanical depth and really breaks up the monotony of what would usually amount to a cylinder on a stick. The rest of the moc is good too, I just had to put in a word for that hammer. Also, gotta give it up for the punk rock hair :metal:t2:


God this one’s really good I’m just not really feeling the head design. I mean I guess if this one then the art would change the mask anyway so this is still one of my favorites

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Personally I don’t like this imagination of mask of creation, looks like flying spaghetti monster to me, but I guess looks fine on this model xd


Looks really good keep up the good work!

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Hey, apologies for this so late, but we are going to need to ask for one more photo.

This was a lapse of judgement earlier, but we will need you to remove the lime headdress. Unfortunately, that is going to violate the multi-shades of green rule.

Please do that before the entry period ends. Thank you.

Is it ok?