Artakha, The guy from Artakha (Canon Contest #2: Meet the Maker)

Here’s my Artakha attempt. In an ideal world he would have had the G2 mask of creation as the placeholder mask, but I do not own one and couldn’t get one in time. Regardless, the mask isn’t important to the Moc contest. I instead opted to use one of the few I owned that matched my shade of green. Also apologies for the poor lighting… I’m no photographer. EDIT: retook the Moc photos in better lighting!

(Admiring one of his finest creations)

Moc turnaround:

Bonus look at the profile of his body and legs:

I used dark green and gunmetal as my main colour scheme due mainly to just having more of the appropriate parts in those colours. However, I also liked that together they make a grey/green colour scheme that, while not necessarily achieved the way it has been determined for the contest, does technically fit his description.
He is most certainly imposing as well as definitely being tall enough, also I feel that the shaping of his torso and legs with the armour lends something to the description of his ancient and ornate armour.

Bonus look at the shape of the hammer:

I went for a slightly more simplistic look for his forge hammer as it is primarily a tool and not a weapon. The head of the hammer is still oversized, very much in keeping with the Bionicle aesthetic, but isn’t as dramatically oversized as other titan set’s weapons. (looking at you Axonn)

Moc breakdowns:




Final bonus image:

(The deep squat. AKA: how not to talk to Matoran)


If nothing else, your title is very good.


think this is the first entry I’ve seen that uses the old gunmetal.

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Good moc, it’s like a mashup of Axonn and Brutaka and 2003 Makuta. Definitely fits the G1 aesthetic


Yeah, I don’t have any of the newer stuff. A Maxilos or two would be very nice if i had the money :joy:

You should try to improve the photos. I think it’s a great entry, but the light don’t help you.

My thoughts exactly. I prioritised entering first but may change the photos tomorrow morning.

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The MOC has the pure G1 look, it’s just that the hammer seems more like a war-axe .

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