Artakha, The Maker

Why’d you make the head so big? I get that it needs to be bigger than a normal G2 head, but isn’t that a bit much?

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I was going for more of a large crown/helmet look. Like ah… a regal helmet out of something like Final Fantasy comes to mind. I’ll probably rework the head at some point, but I was mostly going for a “I’ve been adding armor to myself periodically for thousands of years” look at the time

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You definitely get that look across. Again, sorry to be nitpicky, but the handle on his hammer looks incredibly thin, and the bulky tip doesn’t help too much.

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Yeah, the only part about the hammer I liked was the head and the tail XD I was just short on the pieces I needed to make it look better at the time. It will be upgraded in the future, however :wink:

Too many shades of green.


He knows XD.

-Solaris Magnus

I also imagined him with a silver Mask of Creation. :+1:

I just resurected this topic

Lmao. I built this 2+ years ago, though have since revamped him for the contest. Stay tuned for the updated version XD