Artakha the Virtuous: (Meet the Maker) - Canon Contest Entry


It’s okay, the mask looks sinister though. It doesn’t seem to fit the wise but imposing description

I don’t know about that. Consider that Artakha is, to most of the universe, an otherworldly being. Most people don’t even believe he exists, and those who know of his existence know that he is a very dangerous being to cross. All the Toa Nuva know before – and when – they meet Artakha is that he could just as soon obliterate them or greet them warmly. This is the being who had hundreds of people clandestinely murdered to keep his location secret – and yet the same being who refused to kill four Rahi, because he could not bear to destroy his creations. Artakha’s will is mysterious and unknowable, and I think the “sinister” air helps to seal the fact that he is an intimidating figure.


yes, i know.