Artakha the Virtuous: (Meet the Maker) - Canon Contest Entry

This is my entry to the Artakha Contest.

The artwork was heavily inspired by Toby Dutkiewicz’s art for the Bionicle comics, more specifically his Karzahni piece. As well as a bit of MNOG for the background

The mask is intended to be a more “G1-ized” version of G2’s mask of creation. Additionally I added the Three Virtues icon as best i could into part of the mask, making it its crest.

That is all for now, and your support for this entry is appreciated.


Best art yet


Definitely one of the best so far. Good luck!

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The style on this one is really close to the Karzahni drawing in the books. I like this.


I love the resemblance to the G2 MoC and Karzahni art. This is to the G2 mask as the Toa Mata’s masks are to their G2 counterparts. Best entry yet

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The sharp contrast between the hard edges of the background and the detailed linework is… Wow.

This currently has my top spot.


This one is my favorite so far. Only thing I’m not a fan of is the mask – it looks more like a creature face than a legendary mask to me. But I do like the detailing on the mask, especially the DUD symbol and the runes.

I very much love the stylized look, objectively. However, it does somewhat remind me of G2, mostly in the shading. It’s a very beautiful piece though.

I very much like the art style combination, and coherent look of this piece. It truly looks like a character rather than a mixture of pieces.
I like the mask as well, but KingK’s mask still fits better I think, at representing the cultures of MU. However, this one is the best original mask so far.
Also, a bit more runes on the armor would be nice.

But those are just minor preferences and if this won, I wouldn’t be dissapointed :+1:

At first I wasn’t really digging the asymmetry of the mask, but after I read your rationale for it being the UDD symbol, I’m 100% here for it. Overall it’s definitely one of my favorites. Good luck!


Wow, really nice. I see you put the Nuva symbols in the chest. About the symbols in the mask, do they represent something?

simply put



I love your take on the Mask of Creation. Until you showed a side-by-side with the G2 mask, I thought it was an entirely original design. The Three Virtues logo is also a really cool inclusion. I like how you based the style on Tobduk’s rendition of Karzahni – that’ll make it nice to show the two alongside one another. I think the only downside I could make is that the background is a lot busier than the Karzahni piece’s backdrop, but as a standalone piece that really doesn’t matter.


G2 MoC, gooooooolllldddd, and good artstyle
checks all my boxes
plus it’s actually a good redesign of the MoC instead of ripping off elements to shamelessly reporpose (ahem khingk)

Dang, I love that mask design.

Thanks for the shoutout, Kyle! :smiley:


the way you incorporated the three virtues symbol into that is sick


So far my favorite entry. The thin elongated face and crown is more or less how I originally thought of Artakha’s mask before this entire contest started, and I love the rest of the art itself.


uh, you’re welcome?
i don’t think you got what i meant though.

I like this one. It’s such an elegant mix of the mnog design and the comic design