BIONICLE Canon Contest #2: Meet the Maker, Part 2 (Art)

It has to be posted here:

They switched it up.

Here’s my entry! Just in time, too!

See my post just above yours.

Nice entry, by the way.

Never mind, I see now that you have posted it over there too.

Ah, got it. Thank you!

It’s nice to see these entries starting to come in. I was starting to get a little worried we were going to have a 1-round contest.

Now, we should be able to get all the way up to two rounds!


Agreed! So far a lot of the entries have been excellent, I’m glad we’re getting more at the last minute! It should make the voting slightly more exciting!

This was surprisingly hard to read.

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Here’s my entry for Artahka: Artahka, Seer of the Universe - Master of Creation

You have to submit it here

Ah okay. Haven’t kept up with the boards, so didn’t know which page was for which thing or if plans changed after a point and the like. Thanks for the catch.

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Here is my entry.

Good luck everyone! May the best Artakha win!

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The Meet the Maker entry that TDChronicler linked above is the main hub for submissions.

I think the problem may come from the wording; if it’s not worded as ‘in this topic’ which someone may assume refers to this topic and not realizing it is linking to a seperate topic, that might help.

The words “in this topic” are hyperlinked to the correct place, but that isn’t as obvious as it could be.

I missed that at first as well.

Maybe “in the topic linked HERE”, and hyperlink the ‘here’

I think it’s because I am somewhat apathetic, and people usually correct me anyways.

I left this way too late but hey.

This is my entry:

Here’s my entry! Good luck everyone! Artakha The Arcane (Meet the Maker Contest Part 2 Entry)

Hello, i’d like to ask why my entry hasn’t been added?


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