BIONICLE Canon Contest #2: Meet the Maker, Part 2 (Art)

Time for the Artakha contest.

Your quest, should you choose to accept it, is to create and illustrate the final Legendary Kanohi mask worn by Artakha. You must also create and illustrate his final appearance, with him wearing the mask.

Your basis for Artakha is the winner of the MOC portion of the contest, created by Connor_Hoffman:

The Mask of Creation allows its user to imagine a completed product from raw materials and learn how to construct it, however the mask cannot create new things. As far as a description is concerned, we are provided with a singular descriptor:

“His mask was the most ornate anyone had ever seen – more than just a Kanohi, it was a true work of art. The metallic protodermis from which it was forged was arranged in intricate patterns and designs, each reflecting one of the many cultures that flourished in the universe. The eye slits were angular and pointed, giving him an air of both wisdom and a vague sense of menace.”
— Reign of Shadows, Chapter 10

What you’ll need to do is either use a mask that you have permission to use, or create a new one yourself in order to create the final piece of art that will be sent to Greg Farshtey for canonization and displayed on BS01. It is important to note that the mask can be colored however you want. It does not need to be the same color as on the winning model.

In addition, Artakha has also been described as:

“(…) His armor was gray-green and covered in runes carved at the beginning of time.”
— Reign of Shadows, Chapter 10

Grey-green was later confirmed by Greg Farshtey as being a singular color, which in LEGO is commonly considered to be sand green. As the winning entry features sand green, it can not be recolored to another shade other than grey-green. That being said, we are not enforcing a specific hex. But your entry must feature grey-green, and the only parts of the entry allowed to be that color are the ones featured on the winning model.

On the subject of runes, we know these runes have been carved into the armor from early in his life. There are no further descriptors of what those runes are. As such, you are welcome to be creative. We have no restriction on the color of the runes, nor what they are, but we will be keeping an eye out for what they look like, so do not use the runes as a way to circumvent our rules.

The entry period will run for three (3) weeks, starting today - October 9th, 2020 - and ending October 30th, 11:59 PM EDT. During this time, you will need to create your art (following the rules listed below) and submit it to this topic here (check the rules on how to properly do that). At that point, you’re good to go! After the entry period has ended, we will create any necessary amount of polls to run for a currently unknown amount of time (no more than two weeks) until a winner is decided. The reason for the extension is because we agreed that the MOC contest needed to be extended for an extra week, and as such we understand the importance of the same for Artakha.

That should be about everything. Please read over all the rules to make sure your creation is good to be entered.


1. Entrants must be 13 years old or older.
1a. Entries may not be entered on behalf of someone younger than 13.

2. All entrants must abide by TTV Message Board rules and guidelines.
2a. If you are permanently banned during the course of the contest, your entry will be disqualified. Suspensions will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
2b. Any member found to have a duplicate account will be permanently banned.
2c. Entries must be submitted on behalf of the entry creator themselves. They may not be submitted on behalf of another person.

3. In order to enter, a new topic must be made for the creation with (Meet the Maker) in the title. That topic must then be linked in a post in this topic.
3a. For any of these contests (with the exception of the Toa Hagah contest), only one entry may be entered per person.
3b. Winners of prior contests are allowed to enter additional contests.

4. A minimum of two (2) images must be provided. One of the mask, containing the front, side, and top view, and one of the winning MOC wearing it.
4a. All artwork must be in color. Not grey-scale.
4b. Once your entry has been officially entered and accepted, no further changes can be made without staff approval.
4c. Images can be hosted on Imgur, Flickr, Brickshelf, or uploaded to the MB.
4d. Your creation may not feature any contemporary war weapons. (I.e Tanks, fully automatic firearms, etc)
4e. Artwork cannot significantly modify the aesthetics of the original MOC, either by omission or addition, and must follow the color scheme of the original MOC as closely as possible. For example, additional limbs or significant color shifts would not be allowed.

5. We encourage your entry to be recognizably within the BIONICLE world. However, we have no restriction on art styles.
5a. While we accept any style, we do not permit any character artwork featuring any characters that appears too human. Examples of that would be a lack of technical/BIONICLE pieces or elements, or human faces on Kanohi.

6. 3D entries are allowed.
6a. Any entry using 3D must provide the model file at time of entry if they are designing a new mask.
6b. 3D entries must not be MOC recreations and renders using Stud.Io or LEGO Digital Designer. This is your interpretation, not a simple recreation.
6c. If the inspiration MOC uses a custom Mask or Weapon, you are allowed to either use those on the MOC or create your own.
6d. At this time, the only 3D modelers who have expressly allowed the usage of their pieces are KingSidorak, Galva_, GX_05, KhingK, Vahki6 (for him, check this post), D-S-Creation-Forge.
6e. If an entry utilizes pieces from the aforementioned 3D modelers, they’ll need to provide a link to the free source for the piece. If one does not exist, the piece may not be used.
6f. If an entrant enters with a 3D piece they made themselves, they must provide a link to the 3D model file for free at the time of entry. If no link is included at the time of entry, and not included for three (3) days afterwards, the entry will be disqualified.
6g. By entering a 3D printed piece of their own creation, the entrant agrees that it will be freely available under a creative commons license for all time.

7. Artwork created before this contest can be submitted, provided they abide by these rules/guidelines. However, the creations must be entered by the creator of said Art.
7a. To expand on the last sentence, entries must be entered by the creator themselves. Any artwork entered on behalf of another person, new or otherwise, will be disqualified until submitted by the creator them self.
7b. Any artwork found to be submitted that is determined to be a commission work made for this contest will be disqualified.

8. Entries are allowed to imitate the styles of prior BIONICLE artists. (I.e, Carlos D’anda, Randy Elliott, etc). However, please make it clear that the artwork is not actually by any particular prior BIONICLE artist.

9. Do not plagiarize.

10. Do not submit artwork featuring characters in inappropriate or suggestive poses. These will be disqualified.

11. We reserve the right to disqualify, at any time, any entry that we have reason to believe has been entered in bad faith or in an attempt to disrupt the voting process, or any entry we have reason to believe may disrupt the voting process.

12. We have no rules against vote brigading. However, if any member or participant in either the MOC or Art portion of any of these contests, or an unrelated party who is voting in the Polling portion, is found to be offering compensation (i.e, money, artwork, prizes, etc) for votes, then their account will be suspended for the duration of said contest, their entry will be disqualified (if they entered), and their vote will be subtracted from the final tally. Repeated offenses will result in a permanent ban.

The entry period begins today, October 9th, and will end October 30th, 11:59 PM EDT. If you have any questions or concerns about this portion of this contest, please inquire in this topic.

So get to it! Make the Great Beings proud! And most important of all, remember to have fun!


Good luck to everyone who decide to enter! I’m hyped to see talents getting showcased :smile:


Idk if I missed it, if so my bad, but you should probably mention that there are no canon stipulations to the mask color, and that it does not need to be gunmetal like on the model as said prior.


Ah yes, forgot to mention that. Thank you for the reminder.


Are we able to use a canon mask (such as the G2 Mask of Creation)? If so, would that still require a secondary image with the mask itself?

Good luck to all participants, may the best art win, and please take my suggestion it would make me laugh so hard


Are we allowed to just draw KhingK’s mask used in the MOC? I honestly think it’s perfect as it is.


If someone enters an artwork, but it gets disqualified, are they allowed to submit another artwork?

Also does the artwork have to depict Artakha’s entire body?


I am not the official answer, but based on the rules as I see them: yes, no

And yes

To quote Keplers: Yes, no.


  1. Case by case, depending on the reason of DQ.
  2. I’d encourage you to look back at the artwork from the Helryx contest to see what we allowed and go from there.

Alright, thanks. As a last question, is it required for Artakha’s full body to be shown, or is it okay to have something like a half-body?

Well, at least there will be a lot of effort saved on drawing the mask, because lets be real, Kingk’s is perfect!


I just answered this, right above your post.


Ah, right. Missed that second question. Thanks!

After hearing the description of the mask again I think the mask will have to be different to king’s. It doesn’t have “angular silted eyes” and I’m not sure if it has a diverse amount of patterns/runes to reflect many cultures. I’m almost thinking it should be uneven like Karazanis mask. Idk just my thoughts.
Edit: I was thinking about it and if he won it in a contest it’s not going to be same as Karazanis so I guess it wouldn’t be uneven


It does actually.

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Karzahni’s mask is probably uneven because the GBs didn’t care as much about how the loser’s mask looked. I wouldn’t be surprised if Karzahni ended up breaking it multiple times and gluing it back together, either.


Also, Artakha having symmetrical mask as opposed to Karzahni’s asymmetrical, is exactly the kind of contrast that defines these characters.


I know I posted this before but here are some reference shapes of the metru head so everyone can design a proportionate mask. I believe this is important because finding proper photos of a metru head in side and top views was very difficult for me.


I really think the GBs were so annoyed by Karzahni constantly pestering them for a mask as a participation award so they took whatever scraps they can find and make it into a mask.

And then Karzahni inserted all of his dreams and wishes that will never come true into the mask as a way to cope with his loss.

In short: the GBs have no empathy.