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I figured it’s about time I made a MoC topic. I am in the process of moving, so new MoCs will likely be few and far between for a bit. However, I may post older MoCs and see what you guys think of my older works and if you like them enough I may rebuild them better at a later time. First off tho, I’ll post a new MoC that I built for a very short period of time and took apart again whilst working on adding 2015 parts to my Compsognathus.

May I present, The Green Lantern of Okoto and Master of Will! Named such because he has the GL chest piece. I’m very original :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: He’s a table scrap build that took a very short time, but he also happens to be my first real CCBS MoC. His shoulder cannon has a fairly wide range of motion. Idk what else to say really :laughing: he’s pretty simple.
I would link to various pics, but I’m lazy tonight and just linked to the Brickshelf Gallery.

Also, I’m thinking of getting an account on a different image hosting site as various people (mainly @Ekorak :stuck_out_tongue:) seem to have trouble with Brickshelf. Any suggestions?


Imgur is easy and free. I highly recommend.


This is pretty good although I would recommend using the green torso shell from lewa rather than the green lantern chest. Either way great moc :smile:


@ToaVuhii I’ll look in to it, thanks :smile:

@helryx Thank you! Do you mean the chest clip on or the torso piece? If the former, I tried that and the silver clashed with the gunmetal too much for my taste. If the latter, I thought that’d be too much green in one spot.


I meant the green shell not the double pin silver cartoon chest. And I see what you mean but in my experience the clip-on usually stands out more. You’re probably right though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I guess I should update this every once in a while. Here’s a female MoC

I have no name for her. She was originally built to be based off of Hawkeye (the female version) That MoC lasted a little while and had a cool bow with a couple arrows, but sadly she had a lot of useful pieces that I needed for Kraazyk. However, I kept the torso mostly intact with the intention of revamping it later. Anyway, here she is! Plz don’t hate too much. Blue pins everywhere. Plus female, so idk how this design will work.


By the way, speaking of Green Lanterns, this:

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Lol, yeah I’ve seen that. Man, I forgot this topic existed. I may post a few MoCs here in the next few days