Artillery Anchor and Tactical Tripod

The Tactical Tripod is a mass-produced combat robot meant for surveillance and suppression in low-risk areas. Equipped with an R14 rotating automaton cannon and three very-limited-movement legs, which allow it to slowly travel from its initial drop point.

This was built after returning to MOCing for a while. I had the simple goal of trying to build things with the various colors I had acquired new pieces in, starting with the sand blue from Zane’s titanium mech. I started by creating the repeated shape used for the legs and head, then creating the upper legs and the trilateral torso shape, before fleshing it out with some black shells off the Batman figure.

The Artillery Anchor is a bulkier big brother to the Tactical Tripod. Initially based on cutting the costs of even the Tripod’s minimal legs by employing a ridge skate, the budget ended up vastly overblown by the anchor limbs (which also didn’t have that much articulation by the end of it). However, it supports quick movement over smooth terrain, stable positioning, and a six-shell magazine.
Continuing the theme of focusing on a particular color, and with the added self imposed challenge of not using any white after a few failed attempts using the color. I scraped together the colors I knew I didn’t have any of in unscrapped sets, settling on red and dark tan as the ones I would finish out. I started with the studs-upside-down body and the anchor limbs first, then got sidetracked creating a working firing mechanism. I wasn’t sure whether the two fit together but I decided to stick with it, adding a whole bunch of greebled details over the course of a zoned-out hour.

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