AS-4 Terrorbird

It incinerates stuff.

Flip-out cannons.

With the Antlion.

Constructive criticism is always appreciated.


Steampunking intensifies.

Really nice and intricate!

That claw is awesome looking! Good job

You are channeling my aesthetic here. Seriously though, i love overly large technic monstrosities, never made anything too impressive myself, but you sure have! I love how you used the ccbs armor as a basis for the hands, a very interesting use of a part! One question though, what is the piece in the center of the chest there? Is it something chiima related? If so, that would explain why I’ve never seen it.

It’s the head of the Fenris Wolf from Vikings, but recolored in Dark Red:

That explains it, completely forgot about vikings as a theme! shame on me and my ancestors

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Gives me some serious bayformers vibes. I kinda like it though :stuck_out_tongue:

That looks incredible!

You have a very interesting style. Really dig both of these dudes