Ascendant (BFTGM)

So here’s Ascendant, my humble entry into the BFTGM contest. I have probably zero chance due to his relatively small stature, but my goal was to build a MoC almost completely out of CCBS so I think I succeeded in that regard.

Here’s a link to the full gallery.

I’ll be posting the proper entry topics very soon, but I decided to preview it to all of you guys first.



Pretty legit, Meso. Looks great!


That is very impressive! I love the purple and black. Nice use of CCBS.

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What’s that? I need to say more?
Well, I can’t. Words cannot describe the scope of the awesomeness of this MOC.

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I love the purple accents, really give the MOC some character. Also… Them beautiful parts…

I really wish I had bought more CCBS.

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May I note that the mixture of CCBS and BIONICLE pieces flows well?


Now That’s awesome.

Looks amazing. Must…resist…urge to yell purple…PURPLE!!!

Much legit. Many impressive. Very purple.

I like this guy. A lot. I’m seriously impressed.

no it’s not because he’s purple

Also, what site are you entering this on? I have an entry but no idea where to post it ._.


An impressive piece of work, Meso.

It’s like there’s a very subtle and menacing aura surrounding this moc. Piercing through everything that is good and just in the world. A pure elegant terror.

(also purple is my favourite color, so…


Best Moc evar! :stuck_out_tongue: :smile:)

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Purple and black, one of the coolest colour schemes. Everything looks as if it fits together nicely. No flaws I can see in the photos given. One thing some may consider a flaw (personally I don’t but) is the green eye piece, however I don’t see any replacements for that so I’d give a 10/10. Sweet moc and keep on mocing!


I realy like that moc! CCBS is great system, but colours are preety limited for now, anyways @Mesonak where are you going to post him :? I build one but idk where to put it, and theres 1 day left! D:

Thank you all for the comments!

I would recommend entering it on both BZPower and Eurobricks to increase your chances of qualifying; here are the links to their respective entry topics.


Best of luck! :smiley:



Well GReat, Eaventho i live in CET Country, apparenty they Closed it Much Ealier, Great Job Organisers!

Next time, enter earlier :stuck_out_tongue:

Coughs i had moc done for 2 months but i hadnt had a bility to make photos… yay…

Thats unfortunate, oh well
maybe next time

You mean like in 5 years? I probably wont have time for toys and mocs


thats not what I meant but whatever

Mmm… Purple…

Beast hand though, they actually work in this instance.