Asd, my self Moc (Upgraded)

So now i needed two days of upgrading my self Moc hope you enjoy
I changed nearly everything:
Head: the mask dont wiggle around
Body: Shoulder armor is made better, the backarmor is changed
Arms: Armor added, under arm Piece changed, better sword Connection
Legs: Armor Changed
All: The Colors are a bit changed
Main Color: Mata Red
Sekundary Color: Grey
Main Details: Metru Red
sekundary Details: silver
New add-ons: Gun
I got a Bionicle strengthometer or somthing like that, were 10 is the strongest,fastest and so on and 1 the lowest.
Health: 5
Strength: 7
Pace: 6
Armor: 9
Power(Mask power,Super Power): 0
frendlyness: 3
Status: Alive
Family: 3 Brothers, Wife