Ashla, Toa of Light

Takanuva is many things. Chronicler, savior, friend, his reputation is undoubtedly well-deserved, but the first Toa of Light he was not. That honor, to the knowledge of few, actually goes to another.

Toa Ashla

Gender: Female
Species: Toa of Light
Kanohi: Kakama, Great Mask of Speed
Pieces: 99

The life of Ashla before she transformed into a Toa is one shrouded in mystery. In fact, even after transforming she still likes to keep secrets from others and treats keeping powerful entities such as the Order of Mata Nui off of her trail like a game, one she very much enjoys playing. Nevertheless, she, as a being of light, inevitably caught the attention of the Brotherhood of Makuta. She was invited to join the Brotherhood’s army after she proved instrumental in the initial disbanding of the League of Six Kingdoms and was later recruited into a new project dubbed the “Toa Hagah,” commanded by Miserix himself.

Miserix’s Toa Hagah team was not to last, however. Teridax staged a coup against the Brotherhood leader and the fates of many of his Hagah remain officially unknown. Ashla, for her part, managed to escape thanks in no small part to her powers over light enabling her to disguise her armor’s appearance to match that of another element, her favorite being Psionics. Ashla has never attempted to recontact most of her former teammates, which is something she regrets even though doing so could compromise her and their safeties, except for one, a Toa of Shadow named Vodan with whom she was exceptionally close, but to little avail.


  • Ashla was created for TheLegendReborn’s Toa Hagah collab, which culminated in her getting an entry in the Toa Hagah book by him, KDNX, and Nattarthetimedragon.
  • The disguised version as seen here is purist other than the shade of gold in the mask and the Rhotuka spinner, but the Hagah version seen in the book is not.
  • Ashla’s name comes from an ancient term for the light side of the Force in Star Wars, both in-universe and out.

Neat build and story. I’ll have to check out that book. Always one to appreciate another Toa of light. Good job


ooo looks great!

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Looks good. The torso build is nice, and the lore is cool as well. Great job.

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Pretty slick, especially that torso build.

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I really like that foot design.

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oh those shoulder are nice

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ooh, nice shoulder design.

wait, the comment above me just said that same thing.

The feet are bloody brilliant, too.