Ask TTV - Rules

Ask TTV is the place to go to ask questions from the Cast and Crew of the TTV Channel!

Please adhere to the following rules:

  • All questions must be made as a New Topic. This will make it easier to show which questions have been answered, and which ones haven’t been. All answered topics will have a checkmark next to them to signify them as being already answered by a Cast Member.
  • All topic titles must be phrased as a question and have a question mark at the end. For example, “What is your favorite show?” or “What got you guys into LEGO?”. Please try and keep topic titles to seven words or less, any added clarification, details, etc. can go inside the main topic. If your question is extraordinarily specific, you can make a general title like “Question about Cast Members?” or “Advice about getting into YouTube?”, but we ask that you try and summarize your topic title like this so that people reading the forum can see your question at a glance.
  • Only one question per topic. This is so we can easily mark questions that have already answered, so others wanting to just read answers can do so. If you have multiple questions, you are allowed to make as many multiple topics as you’d like. Follow up questions are allowed to be asked in the topic of your original question.
  • Make sure your question hasn’t already been answered. You can either read down the list or use our Search feature to make sure that a similar question has not been asked before.
  • Tag your questions. We have made pre-established tags for general question categories, specifically for subject matter (LEGO, the channel, etc.) and also one for each cast member. If you specifically want to ask a question of a specific member, please tag the post with their particular tag as that will be more likely answered. Additionally, any member of the Cast or Crew can answer questions, even if they’re directed to someone else (there are, at some points in time, general questions that are asked specifically). Please tag all questions to the best of your ability when creating a new question.
  • These questions are for the TTV Cast and Crew. Unless you feel you can help clarify a question, please don’t attempt to answer any questions as though you’re being asked it. Please also only mark topics as solved if a Cast Member has answered it.

Just wanted to emphasize the last two points of the rules here. People seem to be answering topics posted in this ‘Ask TTV’ category. If it’s not obvious from the question that it’s directly aimed at TTV members, please mention something in the title or post, or as the rules say, tag us. At least use the @ cast, that might get everyone’s attention to answer. : p

(I made this cuz someone posted a topic in here that message board members all proceeded to answer, so I couldn’t tell which category it was meant to be in)

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