Asmond, grand master of the Seven Head Council

So it’s Ben a while since I posted anything here, I figured I’d some back with a newer character.

The moc:


The moc was originally designed as a Skull Basher revamp ant now takes inspiration from fantasy warlocks, primarily the warloc class in certain fantasy RPGs.

To hopefully capture the sort of "evil magic feel I also game him decorations such as bones and talismans. The two prongs sticking out of his back are meant to be part of his garb alongside his cape.

Size comparison with Uniter Tahu and Umarak the Destroyer

Original Basher revamp (recreation, wrong chestplate)

Character and story

Few know the nature of a warlock’s power, and fewer know the origin. Some say that practitioners sacrifice the souls and essence of living beings to dominate over their world. Others say that warlock’s draw their power from ancient unspeakable horrors that wait just beyond the endless void.

Nothing is known about the early life of Asmond, but throughout his life he has seen kingdoms burn and small communities grow into flourishing villages and towns. All while murder and thievery unknowingly runs rampant as night takes hold of the sky, only to vanish into serene perfection at sunrise. Entire ecosystems be born, evolve, and die within a matter of days. But before that, he was only known as Amsamon Juell, a member of the Serpent Order. The brotherhood was comprised of eight members: Amsamon, Gandari, Jormangand, D’herix, Spainsman, Kutall, Yeith, and Thatidon who at the time was the leader of the order. Thatidon insisted that their dark practices be kept away from the prying eyes of the masses and remain a secret that would die with them–as one of their brethren had been publicly executed for witchcraft. Amsamon, however, was appalled by the suggestion. Blinded by anger over the loss of one of his own and the fear that without new initiates, the dark arts would go extinct., Amsamon lashed out at Thatidon—but his magic was too powerful for the young warlock, and he was cast out.

For months Asmamon wondered the lands starving, dehydrated, and alone. Almost as if it called to him, he found his salvation. While his eyes had long since dried up and rendered him blind, he could feel the raw chaotic energies of the sight before him. Eons ago this was a battleground of monumental proportions. Entire armies from warring factions fighting together against an unimaginable adversary. And even now it called to him. And it whispered, “Morgue Xanhatoth.”
After four long months of isolation, Asmamon had returned to his former home. Yeith was the first to greet him. Taking pity on her old friend, she led him deeper into the home. Thatidon stood before him. “Are you really that foolish? Have the wilds taken that much of a toll on your mind? The Asmamon I new was weak, but he did what he was told.” Asmamon pulling back his crusty, dirty hood responded, “I have learned many things in my time. And now I know what I must do for our kind to survive.” Bending down as if to bow before his old master, he pulled out a sharp stone before gouging it into Thatidon’s side, and with a startled grunt, gave a look of shock. The look was stained onto his victims face as he drove the stone deeper so; twisting it before removing it with a quick pull. Letting blood and bile spill out of the mangled hole in his master’s side. The next hour would be filled with the anguished cries of despair and heartbreak as a once trusted ally and friend slaughtered them one by one. The only to escape his wrath was Spainsman. Who simply walked into the flames as if they welcomed him with open arms. Never to be seen again.
As the dust settled and the flames died, all that was left was ash and a simple silhouette walling away.

Special thanks to my friend Nick for helping me fix grammar and spelling errors.

I hope you enjoyed my moc. Criticism is always welcome.


Looks pretty good and gets its idea across, but in some areas it seems to be a bit too cluttered, and id recommend just giving it basher’s chest plate but id keep the book and chains, and the bones really don’t need to be there cause he’s a skellyman! I’d also get rid of the tires on the lower arms and maybe try some new legs? they just seem like basher’s/grinder’s but with more armoring up top and probably change the shoulder armor with the regular skull armor, and add more trans purple.

I know I had a lot to say about this guy, most of which is “change that” but I really like him!

I love how long the name is, it makes G2 sound huge :slight_smile:

Yea the bone on the leg is a bit unnecessary. I don’t really like it eather so that’s probably going to go.

Darn…you have to be kidding me. This screams Gul’dan to me. Crippled body -check. Evil warlock - check. Lots of chains - check. Back spikes - check…this made me discouraged to build my Makuta who is also based on Gul’dan/Warlocks

Ok after reading the backstory I’m even more confident that this MoC is based on Gul’dan as proven by his backstory…see for yourself.

It is true that the moc is based on Gul’dan. But in my defense I wrote the backstory before the episode came out. The name of the other hand is there because “gul” just sounded cool and I couldn’t think of anything else. I’ve already changed it. I’m sorry if it upset you in any way.

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Haha…the other way around actually. True I might be sad that somebody had the same idea but I enjoy the references. :stuck_out_tongue:

<img src="/uploads/db5640/original/3X/a/f/afb6c715de12bc1ee73c5f973d67bbe7830f312e.jpg" width="500"height=“255”>

Ok. If you do end up making your own I’d love to se it!

It’s pretty good, but the shoulders are a bit too low.

The back spikes are pretty cool.

Chaos Sorcerer, is that you?

Seriously, the costume just works so well (and the design really does look like a cool costume). He fits right into 40K.

I just wish there was a bit more bulk around the top of his shoulders when the cloak is off. It doesn’t look bad when the cloak is on though.

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The bone decorations work well in his favor, and I do like the talisman.

I’m so happy to Se that people enjoyed my work!
Now here’s an option, I’m going to try uploading things daily for a while and I have some things in reserve. Now I just need to know what I should post first.

Would you rather see a batch of animal/Rahi mocs next, or a Skull Grinder revamp?

I am not gong to repeat what everyone else has done already, but there is one thing that urked me.For someone who seems to be the leader of a very large and important organisation, he is awfully short.

Oh animal and rahi every time, we have so many humanoid characters that it makes a nice change of pace.

lol you got it.

Why couldn’t a leader be short? + he uses magic, making him valid at any height.

Nothing is stopping him, it is just odd in the bionicle universe both g1 and g2 to have a leader of a group be shorter than everyone else. Helryx is the shortest leader compared to her colleagues.

Actually Teridax’s normal form is shorter than other Makuta…anyways back onto the topic.

To be honest when I said I wanted discussion I didn’t think I’d get a discussion about hight. I’m not complaining though.