Asoblock (japanese building sets)

The name sounds like one of those Lego clone lines, but this line has virtually nothing to do with the classic brick-building company.

Asoblock is a toy line from Japan of mostly connectable parts designed for creature or character building.
Despite not having specialized pieces like Lego has, they are very good for building custom creatures and characters as I’ll show in these following pics.
They do have a few setbacks from what I’ve seen: limited color palette. Most of the sets only use black and/or white, with only 4 sets in 4 seemingly exclusive colors (Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow).
Another setback is there almost exclusively sold in Japan, though you can readily find them on Amazon and Ebay.


Well, if I can make my 14 Sonic OCs with these anything is possible.

time to hit up ebay


I have seen pics where someone made Power Rangers with these parts.

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these pieces are actually really cool.

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whoa, I am seriously resisting to impulse buy the living @#$% out of these things


Dang a building toy that doesn’t rip Lego off. I never thought I would see the day.

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These actually look pretty cool. I will probably never say that about a Lego clone ever again

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I wouldn’t really say they’re lego clones, cuz their building system is barely similar to Lego’s. They’re not even compatible.
I forgot to mention they’re much smaller than Lego’s CCBS/Bionicle style pieces.
Their ball & socket system are around the same size as that smaller ball & socket system used in the Mixels sets…I think.

There is a way to make them look similar to the new CCBS system, by crossbreeding it with another building line called LaQ.
(this is not mine)


These look SO COOL!

I hope they ship to the uk.

######They better…

Oh my god i need some of those

I want these now.

You can actually find these in some stores if you’re pucky enough. But they’re mostly situated in Korea and places like that; I should know, I bought a panda once.

Those actually look cool-do they sell those in the US?

These look really cool

You can find both LaQ sets and Asoblock sets on Amazon from U.S. sellers.
(you have to type Asoblock as ‘Aso block’ to find the color sets on Amazon).

I didn’t notice it at first, but the packaging for the 4 color Asoblock sets are elemental themed.
Red is ‘Flame’
Blue is ‘Water’
Yellow is ‘Lightning’
Green is ‘Wind’

After doing some browsing on Amazon, they do produce other sets with red and/or blue pieces in them, but they’re mixed with white and black.

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I need to get some of those. That’s a cool, non-Lego ripoff building system.
Like what you’ve made, it’s inspired me.

They’re cool.
If I easily could, I’d probably get one set to mess around with

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Just for size reference here are 4 basic humanoid Asoblock builds compared to Lego Captain Phasma.


they’re… tiny

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Well, not as small as I thought they’d be. They look about mixel-joint sized.

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