Assassination Classroom (Please use spoiler tags)

What is Assassination Classroom... a movie? a manga? an anime? comedy? action? romance? a heart felt story about a group of outcasts trying desperately to prove themselves against a world that has shunned them while being forced to save that world from a being that plans to destroy the whole of the world in less than a year? Yes... Assassination Classroom is all those things and many more.

The main story follows Nagisa, a student of the 'End class', as he is forced to adapt to the world around him and face new challenges while learning under the guidance of Koro Sensei - a seemingly indestructible being who they must kill, who enjoys teaching them in both regular lessons and the art of Assassination.

Here is the place to discuss Assassination Classroom all the wonders that it has in store.

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Well I know @Ghosty made a MOC out of Koro Sensei. It looks amazing.

I find it rather enjoyable to watch, definitely if someone has free time they should check it out.


I'm currently watching it and so far i love it.

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We should get them to meet Charles Xavier.


I've been seeing a lot of stuff from this lately, perhaps I'll start watching it in the near future.

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YES! Man I love this anime! Though the ending made my cry like never before. Probably one of the saddest moments in fiction that I have seen. The only other thing that sad was Dinobot's death in Beast Wars.